The Suit nightmare!

Well the suits have arrived…. but yes you’ve guessed it what a nightmare! All the men/boys were ‘measured’ by the sales lady and the waiscoats are all HUGE, jackets don’t fit and the groom was most stressed out by it all. The 3 men that tried theirs on whilst I was there all need something changing and one of the waistcoats had a broken button. C tried his on to huge protests, I hope it was just that he was tired and not an indication of how he will behave on the day. But he looked possibly the most adorable I have ever seen him. There is something about a toddler in ‘tails’ that could melt the coldest heart. He has exactly the same as the men, including the tie, waistcoat, shirt and full suit!

Then we went to buy a sandpit. Found one second hand on Netmums, so it was £20 including sand. C loved it so much, that we had hysterics when it was time to get him to come in for bed. Its by Step 2. Its a great height for toddlers, C could reach it easily and I think it will last him until he is about 4. It doesn’t need loads of sand either, we have only put one bag of play sand in it and I think its enough as this way it won’t get spilt as easily but it could easily take the 40lbs stated by Step 2. It has a lid that fastens on for when not in use so this should keep the sand clean and dry.  Having seen it in action I think it is a fair price brand new, it is good quality, sturdy and a good size. hope we get nice weather so C can use it now!!

Its been a busy few days. Had the final bridesmaid dress fitting, looked lovely, just 2 more days until the wedding! Hubby and C get their suits tonight.  C has a mini-me version of the mens suits and I’m so excited to see him in it!

Still got to finish LissyLou’s headband, slap some fake tan on and that’s about it!

Won something in a facebook competition (again) from Think Baby, swimming things this time 😀 So over the last few weeks I have won 4 competitions from various places, £25 silver cross vouchers, a little something for sending in a bump picture, a prize for describing my fave sandwich and now the swimming things for giving a tip on taking little ones swimming! I’m on a winning streak I think, just need to win the lottery and its all good!

Entered to try and test the Quinny Senzz, I’d love to try another pram out. I’ve only got 5!! At least I know what I’m looking for in a pram and have something to compare it to! Hoping that C  won’t need a pram for that much longer but who knows!! He loves to walk but gets tired easily!