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Welcome to my blog! These are just the Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy, we are aiming for the suburban dream and we might not always get it right!

What do you need to know about us? Well, we live in West Yorkshire, there’s me, Annwen, my husband R, who’s Daddy Ramblings and the children, C and LissyLou. I work full time, in a great job that I really enjoy and that helps pay the bills. I’m lucky enough to spend the all the school holidays at home with the children and I won’t lie, having two children close in age is brilliant, it’s also incredibly hard work! This blog is my sanctuary, my little piece of something that belongs just to me, it’s about family, fun, style, health, travel and life in general. It started as a true mummy blog but more and more these days it’s got a wider focus, it’s more about me as well as the children and I enjoy writing about style and travel as much as anything else.

As a family we love holidays, days out and eating out. The children are both into fashion and love reviewing clothes even more than I do! We are happy to review age appropriate toys too.

I love American TV shows like Bones and Greys Anatomy, crime novels , eating out, travel, cocktails, clothes and makeup. I treasure my me time and love a good trip to the spa or afternoon tea. I’m a major coffee addict and you’ll probably see plenty of coffee related posts on the blog – what can I say, it gets me through the day!

R, is my lovely husband, who works very hard to keep us all happy! He’s a fantastic dad who is great at playing with the kids and looking after us all.

C is my big boy, he’s 7 years old. His favourite thing to do is play with LEGO or Skylanders and he’s a big fan of Minecraft. He’s clever, thoughtful and a budding artist, he loves Roald Dahl and AIDS always copying Quentin Blake illustrations.

LissyLou is my little sweet pea. She is 5 years old and a real outdoors girl, she plays out for hours on end and loves racing around on her scooter. She lovers music, Little Mix and One Direction are her favourites and she’s really into Shopkins, Sylvanian Families and Barbie.

She loves all things pink, sparkly or fun but is also a bit of a tomboy in that she loves climbing, playing in the dirt and playing with cars. She is everything I ever hoped my daughter would be!

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