Beauty and the Beast – The Victoria Theatre Halifax

Last night we were given press tickets to go see Beauty and the Beast at The Victoria Theatre in Halifax. The show runs from now until Sunday 5th January 2020 with a range of dates, times and accessible performances on offer. Tickets start from £19.50.

Although I haven’t been to the Panto since I was a child, Panto is a bit of a Britishness institution and so important to many families at Christmas.

This production of Beauty and the Beast was everything a panto should be. Full of slapstick, singing, dancing, lots of opportunities for everyone to join in and most importantly, actors who knew how to carry on when things didn’t go to plan.

The sets were beautiful, sparkly and festive and as we waited for the show Christmas music played. The start of the show was a little confusing and it was unclear what was happening but quickly things started to move. From the beautiful Belle, played by Jenny Perry, to the hilarious Eugune, played by Matthew Wellman, it became clear that this was going to be the perfect family panto.

Josh Benson and Adam Stafford were fantastic, the epitome of everything Panto. They had a brilliant camaraderie that shone and even when things went wrong the way they handled the problems was outstanding, the perfect balance between winging it and attempting to stay on track.

Highlights for us included the incredible skeleton dance, Josh for being hilarious and a true entertainer and some great songs to sing along to.

We would highly recommend the Panto to families with children from age 4-11. I think particularly 6-9 year olds will love it. But big kids will be laughing along too and even the husband joined in with some “he’s behind you” moments!

If you get in touch with the Theatre in advance you can nominate someone for a shout out or even to join in on stage. LissyLou joined Josh on stage to sing Old McDonald and she had an absolute ball.

This year The Victoria Theatre have made a bold move towards tackling single use plastics and have stopped selling light up products and moved towards traditional gifts such as finger puppets, hand puppets and magnets. The benefits of this are not only environmental but also in enjoyment for the audience with no flashing lights distracting from the show and also in gifts that will last. I thought the finger puppets were especially cute!

For more information you can visit the Victoria Theatre website. Also check out their Instagram page for some top Panto tips!

We received a pair of press tickets and two discounted tickets to this performance.

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