ZeroWater 12 cup

We were gifted a 12 cup ZeroWater 12 cup filter jug for the purposes of this review.

The blurb: ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in purified bottle water, the result is great-tasting water, straight from the tap. The average glass of tap water contains large amounts of lead, heavy metals, or chromium. ZeroWater removes 99.6% of all toxins.

What does that mean?

In essence, ZeroWater is a water filtration jug. You put water in the top, it goes through the filter and into the jug, removing impurities along the way. So, does it work and do we care? The ZeroWater comes with a water purity meter that allows you to test your water before it is filtered and then afterwards.

Zerowater 12 cup

Our tap water (good old Yorkshire Water) measured a lowly 046 – moderate, making it better than most of the UK.

Zerowater 12 cup

But apparently it can get better. We used the ZeroWater 12 cup jug and the filtered water measured 000. But most importantly for us in a blind taste test the water tasted so much better. The difference was truly outstanding. It tasted better than bottled water.

Zerowater 12 cup

The kids are obsessed with the Zerowater. They love the taste and are drinking a lot more water at the moment!

The only downside of the 12 cup is its sheer size. Ideal for a large fridge or a large family but this is a seriously big jug. I’ve placed it next to a 2 litre bottle so that you can see its size. The smaller jugs would be more than adequate for most families.

Zerowater 12 cup

The Zerowater 12 cup retails at £39.99, which is reasonable given the savings you could make on bottled water and it’s a good quality piece of kit that makes water taste amazing! In my opinion, it’s a great buy.







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