Charlie Bears

Charlie bears

Nine years ago when C was born he was given a Charlie bears. It’s held a very special place in our hearts, and is really special to C. It even lives on the mantel piece in his bedroom, which must mean its special, because only the very best things get pride of place there.

Charlie Bear

Given the fact that its nine years ago, you’d expect even the best of bears to be looking a little tired but its not the case at all. Our bear still looks as beautiful as the day he arrived.He is beautifully soft and he has the sweetest, kindest face. He’s also gently, poseable, which means he does sit nicely on the shelf and he also is a good weight which helps keep him sat up too.

Charlie bears is a relatively new brand of teddy, created in 2005 by Charlotte and William Morris in Launceston, Cornwall.

Charlie Bears

A number of novel concepts were used in creating Charlie’s appeal. A skill borrowed from ladies hair dressing industry, is tipping several  hairs with colour, adding a unique touch, not seen before in Teddies. Added to this was mixing in hairs of different length and colour. As you might expect, such care and attention to detail, cannot easily be mass produced.

To further enhance its  originality, each bear is hand cut by a skilled hair stylist, the effect of which was to capture the imagination of the public when it was first released. This produces unique bears and you know that your bear is just special.
Charlie Bears
Charlie bears come in 3 ranges, plush for children, Minimo (short for mohair)  and Isabelle, the limited edition for serious collectors. So there is really something for everyone, with prices starting from £32 and range up to £330, which is serious Teddy money but even the small bears make the perfect new baby present or a special gift. They are truly special bears. You can see the full range at the UK gift specialist.
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  1. Oh my goodness, he is ADORABLE!!!!!!!
    I had better not let my girls see these Charlie Bears as they will want one ….. and to be honest, I want to be first in the queue.

    Love how he has stood the test of time too!

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