Updating your home with carpet tiles

Updating your home with carpet tiles

A very economical way to refurbish the floor in a room in your house is to use carpet tiles. The distinct advantage of these is that if you buy 2 or 3 extra tiles, you can replace any damaged ones later. Which in the long run will help make it a really cost effective solution, and gives you a great back up plan in case your little ones get hold of a Sharpie or spill a glass of juice that stains!

A recent feature many suppliers provide is to send you one sample of a tile so that you can accurately match up the colour to your room. This also allows you to check the quality and make sure you are happy with it before laying out any cash. It also helps you go shopping for all important furniture and accessories or to match those you already have.


Carpet Tile Wholesale offer these great advantages, and on a page on their site, there is also a useful tile calculator. All you have to do is measure your room and enter the measurements into that page. This will show you exactly how many you need to fit the space you want to carpet. No more visits from a salesman to measure up, before having to wait for a fitter. Saving time, money and making it really easy and convenient to transform your home.

Ideal for a quick project, or to keep costs down, carpet tiles can help you update your interiors without breaking the bank!

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