Making A House A Home

Recently we have been looking at new build houses.  I love that they have stunning kitchen and bathrooms but worry about the blank canvas effect. Whilst I know that this is my chance to really make a house a home I also know that putting your own stamp on a new build can be hard work.

I want to create a home that meets the needs of our family, it has to be a bit luxurious but also have space for the children to play that has a really comfy but stylish vibe.

For the Living Room I want something that is rustic yet glamorous, the type of room that you just want to curl up and relax in. When I saw this room it just summed up my perfect living room. Rustic but comfy, full of texture but light and airy.

Making A House a Home

Raphael Design/Homify

I love the grey/taupe colour scheme but with the added pop of colour here and there.

For my bedroom I want understated glamour. It has to be girly enough to suit me but without my husband feeling it’s no men allowed. I want a bit of sparkle with a touch of masculinity.

Making a House a Home


This room feels pretty but practical, I feel it might need just a little bit of extra sparkle but I like that it isn’t too girly.

For the kids I want them to have rooms that feel their own. Space to be them but that isn’t too age restricted. I don’t want to have to fully redecorate every couple of years. For C I want something that he can grow with, somewhere he can play, learn and relax . This room is simple, child friendly but not childish. It would be easy to change the look with new curtains/rug/bedding etc when he gets bored.  He will need plenty of storage for all his LEGO and toys, the under bed storage would be ideal to help keep things tidy and hidden away.

Making a House a Home

Quarto menino/Homify

For LissyLou it has to be girly but not babyish. This means it can’t have fairies or princesses but it must have an overall princess feel. Something that will make her feel special and that will be somewhere that she can play Barbies now but that she can feel comfortable as she gets older. This room has a good balance of those things. I like the material behind the bed, this could be easily changed when she is ready for an update and would let her make things more grown up when she is ready.

Making a House a Home

New Art/Homify


What would you do to make a house a new build house feel like a home? Any tips for making it feel yours?

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