Planning Our Next Book Club with Scholastic

Planning Our Next Book Club with Scholastic

The end of last term was very busy in more ways than one. A visit from Ofsted at my place of work meant I couldn’t liaise properly with the school office and the usual end of year work in the school office meant that sadly the book club just didn’t take off. I had hoped that the office would be able to hand out the leaflets and drop parents an email to confirm the shopping link but on this occasion due to the short notice it just didn’t get done.

Not to be deterred I decided that we would start planning straight away to ensure that the book club will be a big success next term. The Scholastic website makes it so easy. When you log on you can set things up straight away, the leaflets go directly to school ready for being handed out and you can even choose which months you want the deliveries to be made. So simple!

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I also decided that we could increase interaction with parents by sharing the link on our PTFA Facebook page. This will allow parents access the details straight from social media, something I think is very popular now. As I sit here on day 4 of the holidays I was more than ready to have something new for the children to do. So, I ordered just £20 of books and raised over £4 for school to spend. Not a fortune but I was pleased to see how little needs to be spent to make valuable commission, hopefully with our next sale we will raise enough to start that library restock!

It also means that I can experience things from a parents point of view when ordering. I have to say the process is very straight forward and the filtering options help you find what you are looking for with ease! I know the kids will love the sticker books and educational work books that I ordered.

From an organisation point of view I like that you can still take orders the old fashioned way if preferred and then someone inputs them onto the website where they sit with all the others. I know that my school were happy with the online system but it leaves options open for parents which has to be key to making the club successful.

So in order to make sure our next book club goes well I have arranged a team of PTFA volunteers and friends to help distribute the leaflets to the parents. We’ve also decided to allow parents a much wider window in which to order this time.  All in the hope we can maximise our commission and the new books we can buy for the school and all our children!

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