Please Sir Can I Have S’more? #CollectiveBias

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Please Sir Can I Have S'more?

The first time I ever had a S’more I was 7 years old. It was Brownie camp, I’d never even heard of a S’more. I remember us sitting around the campfire with our marshmallows on sticks, toasting them until they browned, smushing them between two digestives and getting stuck in. Getting covered in sticky, melted chocolate and marshmallow. Little bites of heaven. If you’ve never had a S’more then basically it’s just a toasted marshmallow, chocolate and a couple of biscuits, a pretty simple campfire snack – very American. Why are they called S’mores you ask? Well that’s simple because when you eat one, you’ll just want some more (S’more).

Fast forward 25 odd years and I want to introduce my children to S’mores. I want them to enjoy the process of toasting the marshmallows over the fire, making their own S’more, saying “Please Sir Can I Have S’more?” – OK, OK, maybe not! But at least they might fall in love with S’mores as a fun, long summer evenings kind of snack.

I shopped at Morrisons to buy the ingredients to buy S’mores!

Please Sir Can I Have S'more?

Now the basic recipe for a S’more is just that simple. Marshmallow, chocolate, biscuit. In America they use Graham Crackers, we don’t have them here so most people seem to use Digestive Biscuits instead. Me? I like to change it up a little bit. I’m a big fan of salty and sweet. I like the clash of the two so instead of a digestive I personally like a Ritz Cracker. These new snack packs I found are pretty much the perfect option. Break off one cracker to make a smaller, daintier bite, or keep it as a three for a proper treat!

Please Sir Can I Have S'more? Please Sir Can I Have S'more?

So get your crackers prepared, break some chocolate and lay on one layer of crackers and get that marshmallow toasted. I made this video to show you how to assemble your S’more! I used these cute Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Bars because they are thinner than regular chocolate so you get a good melt on!

For the grill-friendly version follow the recipe below:

Lay marshmallows in an oven tray. These GIANT American ones are perfect for this. Roast them in the oven for … minutes. Once browned spread the top with a chocolate spread, I used Nutella, and break over some chocolate for added ooze! Then crumble a biscuit of your choice over the top. Pop back in the over for around … minutes until the chocolate is nicely melted. Serve in a bowl with a good dollop of ice-cream or a splodge of cream for a dessert!

Please Sir Can I Have S'more?

Have you ever had a S’more? Any recipe variations you could suggest?


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