Poker Tournaments – My Thoughts

Poker Tournaments – My Thoughts

Back before the kids I was really into Poker. We used to have our friends round regularly for mini poker tournaments. Sitting around the dining table with our piles of chips and a beer or two and pitting our wits against each other to see who could hold their nerves and who had the best poker face. It always involved fierce rivalry between the guys, each one desperate to win to show the others they were best. Which often meant that I could sneakily lull them all into a false sense of security and win! We mostly played just for fun, sometimes putting some beer money in the pot so that the winner could buy the next round of drinks but mostly playing for the fun of it and to pass an evening with friends.

We also liked to watch Poker Tournaments on the TV, getting sucked into the game, the skill and the mathematical ability of the players to calculate the probability of good hands. It got quite addictive watching the tournaments, we’d find we’d been watching for hours when it felt like minutes.

Watching this video transported me back to those evenings, laughing, joking and having a good time with friends.I like to look at the characters around the table and watch to see if I can see their tells, to see what signs they show that they have a good hand or not. If I can figure it out. With the pro players tells can be so minutely subtle that you don’t stand a chance of figuring it out. But that’s half the fun!

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