Getting in shape and the risk of gym-jury!

Well, summer is nearly over. I’ve over indulged. I’ve eaten a few too many nice lunches and definitely let the diet slip more than I should. So with the prospect of back to work next week I’m ready to get back on track, back into a routine, to eating right and to exercising more too. 

But exercise doesn’t come without its drawbacks. We all know that feeling the next day when you’ve pushed a bit too hard at the gym and just walking up stairs feels like a marathon but what if you actually hurt yourself?

A recent study by Hayward Baker found that one in 10 British adults have sought medical attention following a gym-jury.  With inflictions from a sprained ankle right the way through to a long term back problem it makes you want to stay home on the sofa! But apparently 38% of people don’t warm up, even against the advice of the gym! Sounds like a recipe for disaster really, doesn’t it? 

But what if you do everything right? What if you warm up, follow the instructions but something still goes wrong? What if the gym-jury wasn’t your fault? The interactive compensation calculator from Hayward Baker could help you see what compensation you might get for your gym-jury.


You can find the online compensation calculator through Hayward Baker
This is a collaborative post with Hayward Baker.

Giant Pass The Pigs

As a family we love a good board game. Pass the pigs is a great game for the family and even better it takes up no space at all. When we were told about Giant Pass The Pigs I was excited to see that it’s the equivalent of a board game but for the garden and therefore on a giant scale.

Giant Pass The Pigs
The kids were so excited they could barely wait for us to open Giant Pass The Pigs and set it up. It comes with a storage bag, the game pad and a pencil for recording the all important scores. It only takes a couple of minutes to blow The Pigs up and you’re good to go.

The rules are simple; Hold The Pigs by the ears, they must go above your shoulders and then you just follow the handy score sheet. Cue, much hilarity and arguments about the valid scores!

Giant Pass The Pigs

Giant Pass The PigsGiant Pass The Pigs


We absolutely love Giant Pass The Pigs and highly recommend it. The kids will love it ( and the grown ups did too!) – I think it will be a perfect game to play in a group with friends too!

At around £13 it’s an utter bargain when you consider our kids normally play for at least 1 hr at a time – perfect for lazy summer evenings, parents kick back with a gin and tonic and watch your kids wear themselves out – perfect!

Legoland Discovery Centre and SeaLife Aquarium Manchester

We first went to SeaLife in Manchester before it opened. But we haven’t made it back since for one reason or another and even though we have one of the biggest LEGO fans on the planet in our son, C, we had never visited the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre either.

What better time to visit both attractions when they both have great events on especially for the summer holidays? With tickets for both attractions costing approximately £85 for 2 adults and 2 children we were glad to find out that it takes a full day to get around both places and if you stretch a bit further then for £176 you can get an annual pass for both attractions and then go back as many times as you want. Great if you live anywhere near!

We started our day out at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. We enjoyed the initial factory themed segment and the kids were thrilled to receive a special brick from the machines too.


We then moved through to the first ride. There was a short queue, sadly we were a little disappointed and felt it could have been much better with an update.

On the way in we had a few family photos taken and straight after the ride was a desk to view the photos along with one from the ride. We chose to buy one of the shots which is printed straight away. Sadly, this meant we had to carry the photo around for the rest of the visit, which was annoying. The most annoying part of this was that there is another photo desk on the way out and we would have waited if we had known.

The main floor contains loads of LEGO themed games, activities and fun! Our favourites were the LEGO 4D film for the whole family and the amazing LEGO Ninjago play frame for the kids. We spent around 2.5hours but you could definitely make it last longer than that by buying lunch or taking a picnic. We had a coffee and a snack and headed into the Trafford Centre for lunch.
After lunch we headed to SeaLife. As I said last time we went was before it opened so we were viewing it with new eyes. We loved exploring the different creatures, finding Nemo and Dory and touching starfish in the shallow pools. For the summer holidays you can also find clues to The Octonauts and collect stamps as you explore. We even met one of the characters during our visit! 

The kids also liked the play frame but the shortage of seating meant we didn’t let them play for long.

We spent a further 1.5 hours here so it turned into a nice day out. You could do one of them and shopping in The Trafford Centre to make it a day out each time you visit if you chose the annual pass.

Overall we preferred LEGOLAND, I think due to the ages of our children and their love of LEGO. Younger children may prefer SeaLife. 

We received tickets to both attractions in exchange for this review.