Getting my ‘crafty’ on…

Last night I decided to focus on getting my ‘crafty’ on. I like to think I’m pretty creative. I have been know to dabble in paper crafts. I made the invitations for C’s naming ceremony, I make cards and I have even done some wedding invitations.

I have searched high and low for headbands for LissyLou and found that headbands for babies are really hard to come by! So I decided to make my own. I had a couple already

This was my first effort for a friends wedding….




Then came the one for my brother – in – laws wedding



But tonight I decided that she really doesn’t have enough! So I got out my sewing kit and embellishments and got to work, here are the results…..




Teething Bling Pendant Review (Smart Mum UK)

Thanks to the people at Smart Mum Uk for sending us a Bronze Teething Bling Pendant to test and review.

The blurb:

Teething Bling® is the original teething jewellery. Made from the same material as most teething toys, our teething pendants and teething bangles look great on the adult wearer but are safe for curious babies to handle and chew. Our teething products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure. We carry the very important CE trademark which means we meet strict safety standards. Teething Bling went through four years of rigorous safety testing. All of our Safety Reports are available upon request too!

Teething Necklace

What we thought:

Since C was born I haven’t worn much jewellery. When I have worn any I have been very conscious of C or LissyLou either chewing on beads or breaking finer jewellery. So I don’t wear much other than my wedding rings.

The Teething Bling Pendant took me somewhat by surprise, it combines what looks like a pendant you would buy in most highstreet stores with the amazing added bonus that it is a safe product for LissyLou to teeth on. It arrived neatly packaged in a pretty organza bag, meaning you could buy it as a present and it would be ready to go.

Teething NecklaceThe Bronze colour is really pretty, it goes with most things in my wardrobe, on their website they have another 21 colours to choose from, you could get one to go with pretty much any outfit you choose! It hangs really nicely on me, falling to pretty much the perfect place for little hands to easily be able to reach it whilst you are holding them, LissyLou likes to hold it almost as much as she likes to chew it!Teething Necklace

Which leads me to its teether status…

I was pleased to see that not only is the Teething Bling Pendant BPA free but it is also made to withstand babies/toddlers/children in general from tugging on in and breaking it with its clever breakaway clasp, not unlike my id lanyard at work! So one hard tug and it snaps undone so no harm to my neck! Luckily LissyLou isn’t quite at that pulling stage yet, she is in the whole ‘I like to hold onto things really tightly and not let go’ – no fun when its my hair wrapped around her little fingers!

LissyLou liked it the second she got it into her little mouth, you could see her eyes get big as she chomped down on it and after a while she was enjoying licking it too! She does love to hold it too, she uses it as sort of a noiseless rattle, waving and shaking it about, watching it catch the light as it moves!

I should also tell you that C is rather partial to my “Superhero Necklace” too! He has taken to stealing it and running round shouting about being a superhero, and calls of “To the rescue” echo round the house. Luckily because of the breakaway clasp I don’t mind him having it round his neck, but it also means I can’t wear it myself when I’d like to! He doesn’t mind a little chew on it either!

I really like the Teething Bling Pendant, so much so I am going to treat myself to another one, it might be a hard choice deciding which of the amazing colours to go for!!! At £12.95 they are well priced for a piece of jewellery (and the added teething element makes it excellent value)

Smart Mum also do bangles £8.95, Teen bling and lovely gift sets (bangle and the pendant for £19.95 – bargain!). Or if you can’t decide which colour would be best for a gift then they also do gift cards for £20 which buys a gift set.

Visit their website, either for yourself or for a gift, they are great!

Our 1st Plaster!!

I can’t believe it but we have made it to just shy of 27months before C has needed a plaster! He fell a few days ago and grazed his arm. It was a minor injury.

Today, he started to pick the scab, typical boy! Sure enough it started to bleed, enough that he had a small trickle of blood running down his arm. Fearing blood stained carpets and furniture I put a plaster on it. I think you could maybe have heard his screams of terror about a mile away! I don’t know quite why he was so upset but he could barely talk. All we could understand through the tears was that he had something on his arm and in all honesty it probably hurt a bit too!

To try and ease the situation we put a plaster on Teddy, didn’t really help because now he was sad for Teddy too!!

Think we may need to invest in some of those funky little children’s plasters for future. But what to choose…….