Testing my patience

C is really testing my patience today!

First he decided to tip the potty up, spreading the contents across the lounge floor (both types) SIGH, so he had to go to his room whilst I cleaned up. I told him he would have to stay there until mummy calmed down. He said “calm down mummy” grrrrrrr

Then he asked for a drink, I went a dutifully made him one, to come back into the hall and find him “drawing a lovely picture for you mummy” on my wall paper, in PEN and it won’t come off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy am I ready for R to come home tonight, and I need a large glass of wine!


I was inspired by this post over at The Wonderful Adventures of Spud & Spike! Reading about how Lauren met her hubby reminded me about our journey to where we are today……..

I met R when I was 6, well I say I met him, we think we went to the same Judo class, all the evidence leads to the fact that we did, but we don’t remember each other from then. In reality we met when we were 15, at school, I don’t remember exactly when, or where but I do remember this…

R sat behind me in maths class, he used to steal my things, he would tease me and the boy sat next to him would pull my hair clip out, I think I loved R just a teeny tiny bit back then….

He was slightly more than an acquaintance really, I don’t think he even knew I existed other than to take my stuff in that class, he was a ladies man, one of the cool kids, I was a shy girl on the outskirts of the ‘in crowd’ looking in. We were in different worlds.

We met again after we had both left school, one night in a night club. How I ended up going out with him I will never know! We went for a curry after leaving the club, he kept burning his arm on the radiator, and throwing curry all over himself, but he made me laugh and he cheered me up, I must have been a little bit mad!

Fast forward a couple of years, we bought our first house, got a cat and really started our life together.

We got engaged at Disneyland Paris, he proposed to me in front of the Princess Castle, I couldn’t quite believe it. We had a long engagement, we weren’t in a rush to get married. Life was good, we grew up, we changed, one thing didn’t, we love each other. We sometimes row, we sometimes shout, he drives me CRAZY, he is a pain but we never ever go to sleep on a row and we think that arguing over the small things means we never have anything big to row about. Might not work for everyone, but it works for us!

Florida is a special place for us, R has been on holiday there about 11 times, I have only ever been with him… We got married there in 2006, we were incredibly lucky that 10 of our family and friends made it their holiday and came with us. It was the most fantastic day of my life!

So here we are, two children and more than 11yrs since we started going out (and who knows how long since we first met!), who would have thought it! He is my best friend, we are very silly together, we have shared so much and now we share two beautiful children, the most lasting bond of them all. And so the journey continues…..