Our 1st Plaster!!

I can’t believe it but we have made it to just shy of 27months before C has needed a plaster! He fell a few days ago and grazed his arm. It was a minor injury.

Today, he started to pick the scab, typical boy! Sure enough it started to bleed, enough that he had a small trickle of blood running down his arm. Fearing blood stained carpets and furniture I put a plaster on it. I think you could maybe have heard his screams of terror about a mile away! I don’t know quite why he was so upset but he could barely talk. All we could understand through the tears was that he had something on his arm and in all honesty it probably hurt a bit too!

To try and ease the situation we put a plaster on Teddy, didn’t really help because now he was sad for Teddy too!!

Think we may need to invest in some of those funky little children’s plasters for future. But what to choose…….

Terrible Teething Time!

I hate teething! Its the worst! I hated it with C, I think I hate it more with LissyLou. She is miserable, she wants to chew everything and anything, she is constantly soaking wet from the gallons of dribble and at this point I am looking for a miracle cure!

I don’t know where to start really, there are so many different products on the market, some are obvious, some not so. Very confusing!

We have been sent some products to try and you’ll see the reviews over the coming days…..


Amber Babies Teething Bracelet – Review

Amber Babies Teething Bracelet

The blurb:

For thousands of years,  the beauty of Baltic amber has been attracting attention. Amber jewellery is a treasure to own, for centuries was worn only by nobility and not affordable to the masses. Amber jewellery is fashionable and soaring in popularity even today.

Because amber was ascribed many healing properties it came to be used medicinally in many cultures. Wearing close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for teething. Its healing properties effects will calm your child without applying to drugs. Most of our amber teething necklaces are processed to softly rounded shape amber beads to keep intense healing effects to reduce stress but give general sense of wellness.

Pictures are not able to express the beauty of amber jewellery we sell.


What we thought:

I was initially a little sceptical. I mean teething products are normally all about chewing so I was unsure how something that just sits on LissyLou’s skin could really work.

I should start by saying that this product is just beautiful, it is so cute and tiny. It arrived in a tiny organza bag and would make a great present as it looked like a gift.Amber Babies

It looks so pretty on her little arm, it is a lovely set of tiny smooth amber beads and it fastens with a screw fastener that is cleverly disguised with amber beads too. It is still a little big, even for LissyLou’s chubby wrists, but I just push it higher up her wrist and cover it with her clothes, if not it does end up flying across the room when she waves those little arms.

The thread that is used to hold the beads together is carefully knotted twice between each bead so if  C LissyLou manages to break it then beads aren’t going to scatter across the floor. LissyLou does seem quite taken with it and has tried to get it in her mouth a couple of times so I will have to keep an eye on that but I could easily move it to her ankle if that happens.

In terms of its real purpose it is quite difficult to measure how well the Amber Teething Bracelet works, LissyLou does seem a bit calmer when she is wearing it, she still wants something to chew on though but doesn’t seem as distressed.

Maybe the point of the Amber Amber Teething Bracelet is to use in with more traditional ‘chew teethers’ to get the best results, that’s what seems to work best for LissyLou anyway.

Amber Babies Teething Bracelet is available from their website.



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