The Dentist

Today was Dentist day. C has been before but not for about 6 months. We discussed it before we went and he seemed quite unsure. I made light of the situation by saying he could be like Peppa and George.

So we get to the dentists and its busy as always but they see us straight away, result, sitting around in a very hot waiting room with a nervous toddler didn’t sound like fun!

My dentist is lovely, really friendly, puts you at ease and generally makes even horrible procedures bearable. I was in the chair first to aim to let C see that its not that bad. He was interested and the nurse was chatting to him. Next it was LissyLou’s turn, she absolutely loved it, she got a bit of a gum massage and the dentist made a big fuss over her. Then C got up, he opened wide and…………


Its not as bad as it sounds, he stopped straight away, he even let the dentist see his teeth, the poor man probably has a headache now though!!!

As promised C got to pick a new toothbrush as his treat, and today he chose a JCB one, a toothbrush and a JCB all in one!!





The age old dilemma, to repair or replace?

Ok so laptop is broken, probably could be repaired. But do I get it repaired only for something else to break? Or do I buy a new one?

If I buy a new one what do I get? Do I go for a super fast, all singing all dancing thing or a ‘does the job’ number?

Do I do what I always do and spend ages looking only to buy the one I seriously looked at first?

Do I buy a new one only to immediately get buyers remorse and wish I hadn’t?

SIGH, decisions, decisions!!!!!

Technology fails me

Aaaaarrrrrrrgh! I hate all things electrical! First the washing machine decides it doesn’t love me any more, now my laptop has died. Of all the things to die, why oh why did it have to be the laptop??????

To me the laptop is my connection to the outside world. Its my little piece of sanity, my tiny break from my mummy world. Whether its catching up with friends, researching my latest fad, rambling or just general internet stuff, I don’t know how I ever managed without the internet!

So I’m resigned to my old laptop, it doesn’t have wireless connection, it doesn’t have a working ‘e’ key or a working ‘3’ key! So here I am, sat on the floor in my hall, desperately trying to type this, using the on-screen keyboard for ‘e’ and ‘3’, hopelessly waiting for the IT company to ring me to arrange to fix my lifeline.

Think of me, while you are sat in your comfy houses, on your comfy chairs, with your working technology………

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