Seeking Sleep

Seeking Sleep

Recently, I’ve found sleep to be distinctly lacking in my life. I can drop off find at bedtime but often wake a number of times in the night each time staying awake for longer. I have tried lotions, potions, hypnosis and more all in the hope of a better nights sleep.

It’s hard to know what else to try, I hate that feeling of checking the clock to see how long is left before I have to get up. It doesn’t help but I can’t stop myself from doing it!

In the hope that I might find a miracle cure Silent Night sent my some products to try:



First was some ear plugs – sadly I can’t use these because I wouldn’t hear the children if they needed me, so those were put aside for nights when Daddy Ramblings is able to listen out for them should he be needed. I can only consider that when he doesn’t have work the next day because he gets up earlier than me!

Second was some lovely Molten Brown, relaxing yuan zhi, bath stuff. I found a bath with this in really helped me to relax after a busy day. I can’t say it helped on the sleep front but I did find it very soothing, which can only be a good thing!

Finally was this clever cooling pillow,the Mini Chillow,  this was great when I had a sickness bug last week, I don’t think I would have slept a wink without it because my temperature was so high, this helped keep it down enough to help me sleep a little bit so if it only helps when you are unwell then it’s worth it because when you are poorly you really need your sleep more than usual.

So sleep is still avading me, I wish I knew what was going on because it’s starting to catch up with me! Hopefully things will improve soon.

Bank Accounts that can save you money?

Bank Accounts that can save you money?

I’m all for money saving. Any way to knock a few pounds off the bills or just get better value for money is ok by me. I switch my energy bills, I use cashback sites, I shop around. I think I’m pretty savvy when it comes to a good deal. I know that lots of people aren’t though, maybe due to a lack of knowledge, a lack of confidence or a lack of time?

I think sometimes people prefer not to do these things online, which does limit your ease of saving in many cases.

Bank Accounts that can save you money?

But Santanders 123 current account is a good option to help you save/make money just by paying your direct debits as normal without having to do anything special. So cashback when you pay your mortgage, your water bill and even your mobile bill, just by paying them by direct debit from your bank account. I think that’s a pretty nice way to help save a bit of money on your bills and with cashback of up to 3% depending on the bill it will just build up nicely as the year goes on.

It probably won’t make you a fortune but I’m a big believer in the old saying “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”, every bit you save is a bit you don’t have to spend. Imagine if you saved up that money and it paid for an extra treat at the end of the year? Even just a coffee and a bun would be nice wouldn’t it?

Obviously, terms  and conditions apply, read the small print before signing up to any banking facilities to make sure they are right for you!

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Bubblebum Review

Bubblebum Review

It’s not often that I get an item to review that I really hope will be amazing. It’s therefore even less often that I actually think the product is amazing. By amazing I mean the type of thing that you tell everyone about, the type of product that you think is so good that you go out and buy one too. This happened with the Bubblebum. Let me explain.

The Bubblebum is an inflatable car booster seat. It’s predominately designed for use when travelling, the idea being that it’s lightweight, packs up small and is ready to use in seconds. I can confirm that it’s all those things.

Bubblebum Review

We took the Bubblebum in our suitcase when we went on holiday to Spain. It weighs less than a pound so it didn’t impact upon our baggage allowance and it packed neatly into a corner so it barely impacted onto the space either. What it did do was mean that when we arrived after our flight and got to our hire car it took seconds to set C up in the car. This was a massive bonus when we were tired, excited and in a hurry to get going to our destination!

I love the positioning clips that help hold the seat beat down on the childs lap but the best part for me is the strap and positioning clip that goes up to the childs shoulder and holds the seat belt down onto their shoulder and away from their neck. It’s a safety element but also makes the child more comfortable, win win.

After our holiday I went out and bought a second Bubblebum so that next time we go away we will have two seats to use. It will make life a lot easier and if we are heading out in a taxi or the kids are going in someone elses car for some reason I know I have seats handy to use that I won’t mind sticking in a bag and carrying if I have to,

Great product, priced at £30 or less (I found it on special offer a number of places) it’s a great addition to your travel kit. Highly recommended.

We received a Bubblebum for the purposes of this review, all thoughts our own.

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