Applewood Cheese – Applewood Hours

Applewood Cheese challenged us to have some fun as a family this week. With a lot going on at school for both kids, a ballet show for LissyLou and a busy week at work for both Daddy Ramblings and myself the opportunity to enjoy the precious time we could spend together as a family was much needed.

The Applewood Hours campaign is all about putting aside an hour a week to commit some quality time with the ones you love, enjoying time and good food together. Applewood Hours is based around the release of two brand-new Applewood Cheese products, the Applewood Bake, and Applewood Nibbles.

We received samples of the two new products along with some games to help us create our Applewood hours. The children shunned Monopoly for a veggie relate game from school, who am I to prevent them getting excited about veg?! But we all settled down and played the game after school, it was a nice settled activity that gave the kids chance to calm down nicely and meant that the first thing they did wasn’t watch the TV! I’m always up for non-screen time.

Applewood Cheese - Applewood Hours Applewood Cheese - Applewood Hours

We served up Applewood based snacks for our Applewood Hour. The kids weren’t very fond of the smoky taste of the Applewood Nibbles, instead opting for their usual cheese with their crackers. Daddy Ramblings and I were impressed with the easy preparation of the Applewood Bake, just warm in the oven or microwave and serve, perfect for a quick supper. We tried it with some part-baked baguettes, it has a strong smoky, cheesy flavour but whilst we felt it was a quality product we weren’t overly keen. It was just too rich for us.

Applewood Cheese - Applewood Hours

We enjoyed spending quality time together as a family for the Applewood Hours campaign, we have pledged to spend more time playing games and having special family time like this in 2016!

Christmas at Eureka

Christmas at Eureka

As a family we love Eureka. We are lucky to have the amazing Children’s museum very close by. If you haven’t been then you really need to add it to your list of places to take the kids! We’ve talked about it here on the blog before, you can read more here.

We were invited down to Eureka to see what happens there for Christmas at Eureka.

Christmas at Eureka

We started off by having a wander around the museum, one of the best things about Eureka is that it’s incredibly hands on. Everything is designed to be accessible to children, which makes it really fun.

Christmas at Eureka Christmas at Eureka Christmas at Eureka


The kids loved being given free reign to enjoy themselves.

Christmas at Eureka Christmas at Eureka Christmas at Eureka

We were invited to the Grotto to meet Santa. The children know that when you see a Santa in a Grotto you are only seeing one of Santa’s helpers but honestly, see the Santa at Eureka and they truly believed he was the real deal. Santa knew about LEGO and Sylvanian Families and talked excitedly about the special section of the North Pole that makes LEGO. It was honestly very magical.

Christmas at Eureka

A visit to the Grotto costs £3 on top of your entrance fee but each child gets a gift, our two got a Christmas torch and Sticker book. They were both really happy. I would 100% recommend you see Santa, he was honestly amazing.

The other main Christmas offering is a Christmas show. The children absolutely loved it, they thought it was hilarious and decided it was the best show they’d ever seen. Adults may have cringed at the jokes, during the show but the kids loved it so we all got over it!

We also had the chance to see an example of a Science Party offerred at Eureka. The kids absolutely loved it, I would book this for C’s birthday party. It was fun and educational!

Christmas at Eureka

We had a wonderful time at Eureka and suggest you get down there to see Santa as soon as you can he’s there from 28 November right through to 3 January 2016! But it’s closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

We were invited to experience Christmas at Eureka and share lunch with some other bloggers.

Star Wars Jedi Holocron

C is just starting to get into Star Wars. He has started watching some of the films and has some of the LEGO too. He was really excited to see the new Star Wars Jedi Holocron. He loved the look of the Star Wars Jedi Holocron. Instantly exclaiming that it was ‘amazing’.

Star Wars Jedi Holocron

The main idea of the Star Wars Jedi Holocron is around the 20 Questions game. Basically you think of any Star Wars Character, place or technology and the Star Wars Jedi Holocron will guess it within 20 questions. It includes information from Star Wars Episodes 1-6 and TV Shows.

Star Wars Jedi Holocron Star Wars Jedi Holocron

C doesn’t have the biggest knowledge bank yet but still enjoyed trying to out think the Holocron. Star Wars buffs or slightly older children would probably love it though. It also includes a small poster that would be perfect for a bedroom all

At £20 it’s probably slightly too expensive for a stocking filler but would make a great gift for a Star Wars fan!

We received the Star Wars Jedi Holocron for the purpose of this review.
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