Please Sir Can I Have S’more? #CollectiveBias

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Please Sir Can I Have S'more?

The first time I ever had a S’more I was 7 years old. It was Brownie camp, I’d never even heard of a S’more. I remember us sitting around the campfire with our marshmallows on sticks, toasting them until they browned, smushing them between two digestives and getting stuck in. Getting covered in sticky, melted chocolate and marshmallow. Little bites of heaven. If you’ve never had a S’more then basically it’s just a toasted marshmallow, chocolate and a couple of biscuits, a pretty simple campfire snack – very American. Why are they called S’mores you ask? Well that’s simple because when you eat one, you’ll just want some more (S’more).

Fast forward 25 odd years and I want to introduce my children to S’mores. I want them to enjoy the process of toasting the marshmallows over the fire, making their own S’more, saying “Please Sir Can I Have S’more?” – OK, OK, maybe not! But at least they might fall in love with S’mores as a fun, long summer evenings kind of snack.

I shopped at Morrisons to buy the ingredients to buy S’mores!

Please Sir Can I Have S'more?

Now the basic recipe for a S’more is just that simple. Marshmallow, chocolate, biscuit. In America they use Graham Crackers, we don’t have them here so most people seem to use Digestive Biscuits instead. Me? I like to change it up a little bit. I’m a big fan of salty and sweet. I like the clash of the two so instead of a digestive I personally like a Ritz Cracker. These new snack packs I found are pretty much the perfect option. Break off one cracker to make a smaller, daintier bite, or keep it as a three for a proper treat!

Please Sir Can I Have S'more? Please Sir Can I Have S'more?

So get your crackers prepared, break some chocolate and lay on one layer of crackers and get that marshmallow toasted. I made this video to show you how to assemble your S’more! I used these cute Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Bars because they are thinner than regular chocolate so you get a good melt on!

For the grill-friendly version follow the recipe below:

Lay marshmallows in an oven tray. These GIANT American ones are perfect for this. Roast them in the oven for … minutes. Once browned spread the top with a chocolate spread, I used Nutella, and break over some chocolate for added ooze! Then crumble a biscuit of your choice over the top. Pop back in the over for around … minutes until the chocolate is nicely melted. Serve in a bowl with a good dollop of ice-cream or a splodge of cream for a dessert!

Please Sir Can I Have S'more?

Have you ever had a S’more? Any recipe variations you could suggest?

Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

I’ve long been a fan of toys that encourage role play. Allowing children to use their imaginations and build on their social skills. I think it’s important that this role play is nutured in children, allowing them to develop communication skills, sharing and many other skills that will serve them for life.

It’s nearly our nephews 3rd birthday and this year he is really into role play toys, from pretending to be a fire fighter, to a musician to a shopper in his mini supermarket. But high up on the list is his own kitchen and cooking equipment. His grandparents are buying him a kitchen and he is very excited.

When I was offered the Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set I knew instantly that I wanted to see what it was like and let my nephew have it to go with his new kitchen.

Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

The Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set has a range of elements that look just like the real, working equivalent. I love that the kettle looks exactly like our real kettle!

Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

The fun part about the Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set is that some of the elements actually work. The toaster will pop up the toast. You can fill up the kettle and the filter machine with water and the filer machine actually drips into the pot, just like a real one would.

Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set4

Each item is well made, good quality and most importantly the perfect size for little hands. I think both boys and girls aged between 2/3 and 5 would really love this set.


We received the Casdon Little Cook Morphy Richards Kitchen Set for the purposes of this review.

Is it me or is it cold?

Is it me or is it cold?  Is it just me or has it been a particularly long winter? I feel like we’ve had the heating on forever! We came back from a mini-break last week to find the house bitterly cold, we of course stuck the heating on and soon it felt toasty again. I know we are fortunate to have good central heating and to be able to afford to use it. Many people are not. It’s sad to read information about fuel poverty in this country. It’s really quite unbelievable that in this day and age people are unable to afford to heat their homes properly. But it’s true.

In 2013-14 9300 people died as a result of being unable to adequately heat their homes. A cold home can cause and exacerbate problems like asthma, bronchitis , heart disease and arthritis as well as mental health problems. I hate to think of elderly or vulnerable people sitting in their homes becoming unwell and unable to keep warm.

Earlier this year, the Energy Secretary, Ed Davey announced £3million funding to start a scheme in England that will enable GPs to quickly decide if a patient could qualify for a ‘prescription’ discounted home improvement such as an eco-boiler, double glazing or insulation with the hope that this will get straight to the route of the problem, helping those in real need of assistance and improving the quality of life for those in real need. It’s good to see that the government are stepping up their game in the hope of preventing illness caused by the cold and although it will take a few years to take effect across the family at least things are starting to shape up. It doesn’t help people right now, and there are definitely people out there who could use this now to stop health problems from worsening/developing and other conditions taking hold.


But what can you do to improve things now for someone who needs help? Well aside from stocking up on warm blankets, heated slippers, draught exluders and other easy to install items there are others options. Eco Energy offers replacement boilers with a range of buy now, pay later credit schemes to help spread the cost of a boiler with convenient boiler finance. A new boiler would be energy efficient too, which means smaller heating bills every month. The health benefits would be felt almost immediately. You can also access free insulation even if you are not in receipt of benefits as long as your home qualifies. Good insulation will make a new boiler even better.


Think of someone you know who has a long term problem that is made worse by the cold. Think of the difference that a warm home could mean to that person. Think about a shiny new boiler making that home warm but not having to shell out the full cost in one go. It’s got to be worth a thought doesn’t it?

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