Build A Bear Workshop White Rose Centre

Build A Bear Workshop White Rose Centre

We’ve never been to Build A Bear Worshop before. The kids have always wanted to but every time we’ve been past either they had already chosen a treat or we didn’t have the time to call in. Both kids have asked repeatedly if they can have a Bear but until today we hadn’t looked at them properly.

We headed to the Build A Bear Workshop White Rose Centre to learn more about the Build A Bear Workshop experience. I had seen the bears and we have been sent them for review in the past but I wanted to know what makes Build A Bear so popular.

Upon entry to Build A Bear Workshop White Rose Centre I was instantly struck by the sound of happy laughter, the bright colours and of course toys and accessories as far as the eye could see!

C and LissyLou were both excited to choose their toy, C knew straight away that he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Michelangelo, and was excited to choose the exact toy ready for stuffing. LissyLou on the other hand took more time to pick which toy she wanted. She was somewhat overwhelmed by the choice but soon decided to pick between the My Little Ponies on offer. My sister also bought a My Little Pony, AppleJack which is the newest addition to the Build A Bear Workshop My Little Pony family.LissyLou struggled to understand that you didn’t take the pre-stuffed toy from the shelf and not one of the toys from the basket that needs stuffing so the kind assistant who was helping let her carry Rarity with her while we queued for the stuffing machines. We ended up queuing around 10 minutes but spent the time looking at the displays and the optional extras for your toy.

Build A Bear Workshop White Rose Centre

You actually get to press the pedal to start the stuffing machine yourself, something that the children really enjoyed. Then for me the best part of the process happened. You choose a heart for your toy and then have a small ceremony in which you rub the heart on your head, heart, cheeks etc and the assistant tells you the qualities you are giving to your toy. This was super sweet and lots of fun, then you pop the heart inside the toy and they are stitched up! You can also choose a scent to be placed inside the toy so it can smell like Strawberry or Bubblegum . I thought this was a really nice idea but probably more suited to one of the bears than a character toy?

Build A Bear Workshop White Rose Centre

Then you can spend some time brushing your toy under the ‘shower’ (air jets over a bath) and then choosing from the many accessories. This is where the cost can start to creep up, I think the toys are very reasonable at around £18-£20 on average and the accessories start very reasonably but of course children will be drawn to the outfits and shoes etc which when added together can add on average £20 for a full outfit. Just bear that in mind when you are thinking of price. A great idea would be to buy the toy as a birthday gift an then ask family to buy the accessories to help share the costs?

I had a little soft spot for the My Little Pony little sisters, at £13.50 they seemed utterly reasonable and adorable too!

Build A Bear Workshop White Rose Centre

The staff at Build A Bear Workshop White Rose Centre were all exceptional, very friendly, very welcoming and most of all great with children. They all looked happy to be there and happy to assist, something that many shops are lacking! I will definitely head back in the future. A very enjoyable experience and a great store. They have new toys coming in weekly so there is always a new friend!

We were gifted our toys and accessories in exchange for this review.

Layer Up for Lapland: What to Pack for an Arctic Adventure

Layer Up for Lapland: What to Pack for an Arctic Adventure

Lapland is one of the most adventurous destinations in Europe. From ice hotels to cross country skiing to authentic Finnish saunas; this northern region is one of Finland’s most stunning areas and well worth a visit.

One of the most difficult things about traveling to Lapland is packing for such an extreme holiday! Arctic weather conditions can change incredibly fast (and often) so it’s important to be ready for anything. Here are some helpful packing tips for unforgettable trips to Lapland.

reindeer man feeding the reindeer in Lapland

Layer It Up

The best advice any traveler can receive is to pack several layers of comfortable and warm clothes. Layering long sleeved t-shirts and long johns with sweaters and pants allow outside adventurers to remain flexible with their wardrobes and adapt to changing conditions. Wool is a great material for the base layer as it retains heat incredibly well and can be quite thin while still being effective.

Don’t Let the Heat Escape

In the face of such extreme weather conditions, it’s incredibly important to take extra care to contain body heat. Investing in a good hat (maybe even something with fur and ear flaps) not only keeps the heat in, but makes a great style statement as well. When in Lapland – do as the locals do! Keeping toes and feet warm is probably the best advice any traveler can take. Wool or fleece socks (preferably layered) along with some high quality hiking boots can keep feet warm and dry even when they’re trudging through the snow all day.



Aside from those all important clothing items, no Lapland suitcase is considered packed without those lovely little extras that every prepared visitor should have. Things like camera bags will keep electronics safe in the face of sub-zero temperatures and flashlights are incredibly handy when visiting parts of the world with minimal daylight hours. Small backpacks and rucksacks are always useful and helpful little extras like thermoses, heat pads for hands and feet as well as sunglasses will pretty much ensure travelers are well-prepared for almost any situation.

Lapland is an incredible place, but you have to be fully prepared when planning a trip there. Preparations is key to enjoying this fascinating place to the fullest, and this of course begins with a great packing job.

Images by Heather Sunderland and Special Agent Lotus, under the Creative Commons license.

The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson

The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson is a bit of a UK institution when it comes to children’s books. I don’t know another family who hasn’t read at least one of her books and I think doesn’t own a copy of the Gruffalo. Most children seem to like her easy to read/listen to style, great characters and accompanying illustrations. Mine are no different and Sharing A Shell must be one of our most read books of all time. So the prospect of a new Donaldson book is always an exciting one and The Flying Bath was no exception.

The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson is about a team of friends who take off in their bath tub around the world saving animals along the way. The children thought it was funny but haven’t asked for it to be read more than a couple of times. Normally new books get a nightly feature for at least the first week so it’s fair to say it hasn’t been a huge hit.

The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson


I’m afraid for me it’s not a favourite. I didn’t find this particular story as easy to read. Maybe it’s the storyline, maybe it’s the illustration but for me it just didn’t have the same appeal as other amazing titles. It’s still got that classic Donaldson rhyming but I just didn’t find it rolling off my tongue.

Not a favourite here I’m afraid.

We recevied a copy of the book for the purposes of this review

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