Do fake security signs really keep your home safe?

Do fake security signs really keep your home safe?

Let’s be honest, being burgled or having your home broken into, is something we all dread happening. And there’s been a lot of talk lately about how to scare of potential intruders with false security signs.

Whether its “Beware of the Dog” or “CCTV in operation” there’s been some discussion about how effective these signs can really be in real life. Now the question lies in whether you should fake a home security system or install more secure equipment. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of fake home security signage and explore additional ways to secure your property.

Pros: Cost

The most obvious benefit of using yard signs and window decals instead of a security system is that it’s much cheaper. Purchasing yard signs and stickers with home security logos will only set you back much, and many of the most popular security brands’ logos can be purchased online. Or you can visit a custom metal signage company and see what they have to offer.

Pros: Time

As a homeowner and a parent, there’s nothing more valuable than time. And investing in fake signage could save you just that. It takes minutes to put up a window sticker, or hang a metal sign from a place where everyone can see it. So you can get on with your day in a heartbeat.

Pros: It’ll probably work

It’s true, having false signs around your property might be enough to spook most intruders or those hoping to be in the right place at the right time!

Cons: Your signs might look unconvincing

It’s true that you get what you pay for, so if you’re going to go down this home security route then it’s worth investing in some professional looking signs. Remember, if your sign looks unconvincing or boasts a false security company name, it takes only a few clicks for a savvy thief to establish whether or not your company is real.

Cons: Nothing will happen if there is an intruder

If you have a home security system, it will alert you and the monitoring centre of the breach. Without it, the burglar will call your bluff pretty quickly and make off with your belongings.

Alternative security ideas

Faking a home security system is as barebones as you can get—and as risky. Luckily, there are some middle-of-the-road options as far as security and cost go and full-out home security systems that can help keep you safe.

Installing a security system: Sometimes its just best to bite the bullet and really invest in your property and the safety of your family.

Get a dog: Dogs are the original security system – not to mention the fact that they’re a fantastic addition to any loving home and good for your health too!

Motion detector lights: Nothing will make that intruder run faster than being lit up whilst lurking on your property. This doesn’t require a full-fledged home security system and motion sensing lights can be purchased for a pretty cheap sum.

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Real Coffee capsules for Nespresso machines

Real Coffee Capsules for Nespresso

As a full on caffeine addict and well known coffee lover it’s not surprising that one of my favorite home items is my Nespresso machine. I am always on the look out for new capsules to try so when I discovered Real Coffee capsules I was intrigued to find out more and give some of the different capsules a try.

Having tried similar capsules before I have found that non-authentic Nespresso capsules can be poor quality, they can also be over packed so they run through the machines very slowly which makes for a colder cup of coffee. So I was wary of this potential pit fall with the Real Coffee capsules for Nespresso machines.

When my parcel of capsules arrived I was first of all surprised by the large selection of blends, strengths and types of capsules that Real Coffee supply. From organic to fair trade, Espresso and Lungo, they really offer something for every taste.

Real Coffee capsules for Nespresso

Real Coffee capsules for Nespresso

I was also intrigued by the Hot Chocolate capsules, having never tried one through my Nespresso before. The hot chocolate has gone down very well with the children. It produces a delicious, creamy tasting hot chocolate that runs through the machine well. As you are instructed to run a coffee capsule through the machine after each chocolate one, it means you can make a great mocha too.

Real Coffee capsules for Nespresso

All the coffee capsules are great. I’ve enjoyed every one. I was very impressed with the Decaf Torino Espresso which has restored my faith in decaf coffee and makes it possible for me to enjoy a nice coffee in the evening without worrying that I won’t be able to sleep.

Real Coffee capsules for Nespresso are very reasonably priced at £26.00 for 100 capsules, and the hot chocolate ones are £3.25 for 10 capsules. I’m really impressed by the website too. Very easy to use and navigate, oh and in case you have a Dolce Gusto machine, they sell capsules for those too!

I received a hamper of Real Coffee capsules in exchange for this honest review.

Getting in shape and the risk of gym-jury!

Well, summer is nearly over. I’ve over indulged. I’ve eaten a few too many nice lunches and definitely let the diet slip more than I should. So with the prospect of back to work next week I’m ready to get back on track, back into a routine, to eating right and to exercising more too. 

But exercise doesn’t come without its drawbacks. We all know that feeling the next day when you’ve pushed a bit too hard at the gym and just walking up stairs feels like a marathon but what if you actually hurt yourself?

A recent study by Hayward Baker found that one in 10 British adults have sought medical attention following a gym-jury.  With inflictions from a sprained ankle right the way through to a long term back problem it makes you want to stay home on the sofa! But apparently 38% of people don’t warm up, even against the advice of the gym! Sounds like a recipe for disaster really, doesn’t it? 

But what if you do everything right? What if you warm up, follow the instructions but something still goes wrong? What if the gym-jury wasn’t your fault? The interactive compensation calculator from Hayward Baker could help you see what compensation you might get for your gym-jury.


You can find the online compensation calculator through Hayward Baker
This is a collaborative post with Hayward Baker.

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