Learning The Value Of Hard Work

Learning The Value Of Hard Work

It’s really important to Daddy R and I that the children understand the value of hard work. We both work hard, Daddy R especially, and we’ve always told the children about the importance of working your hardest to achieve things but I think it’s something that you learn more then older you get.

This week C has truly been learning the value of hard work. At his school they have what it called the “Always” award. It’s an award for always being well behaved and always working hard. C was really disappointed when they introduced this reward because he didn’t get one. But he also knew that he wasn’t an “always child”, he wasn’t always well behaved and he didn’t always do his best. In his own words “when I started in Year 1, I didn’t fit in and I didn’t do my best.”

Imagine my surprise and joy when C came bounding out of school yesterday brandishing an “always” badge. He was positively bursting with pride. His teacher was bursting with pride, giving him thumbs up and smiling. It was lovely to see that she was so proud of him too.

As we walked home I asked him to tell me about the award, “Mummy, it’s really special because I earned it. I worked really hard and I earned it”. He’s right, when you have worked really hard the reward is even sweeter isn’t it? I’m so glad that C can now see the true value of hard work and he is enjoying being an ‘always’ child!

The Terrible Almost Fours!

The Terrible Almost Fours!

Currently we are in the throws of the terrible threes (or almost fours) with LissyLou. She’s always been quite easy going really. Yes, she’s feisty and opinionated but she’s also a good girl. But recently she’s been more difficult.

The past couple of weeks have frankly been really hard. I don’t know if she’s been really thrown out by Christmas and a lack of routine but all of a sudden she’s been having major strops, crying at everything and generally acting unlike herself.

She pesters her brother and drives him mad. He is very good natured and will put up with a lot but eventually of course he can’t cope anymore with the lack of personal space and her copying his every action. Of course when you tell her off she wails for 5 minutes. You say she has to wait for something, she wails, you tell her off, she wails, she doesn’t get her own way, she wails. We have heard a lot of wailing the last few days.

She is also a loving, lovely little girl. She plays well alone and has a great imagination. It’s sometimes hard to believe that this little girl and the one who wails and constantly pushes us are one and the same. I love them both, I just like the lovely little girl a little bit more!

So tell me, do you have a solution? Is this a phase or am I doing something wrong? I’d love some help on this one because I don’t know if there is something I can do about it or if I just have to ride it out! HELP please!

Dolphin Paradise Wild Friends App Review

Dolphin Paradise Wild Friends App Review


Dolphin Paradise

Screenshot courtesy of iTunes


Aimed at children aged 4 plus, Dolphin Paradise Wild Friends, is a magical free App for the iPad and iPhone that lets you play and bond up close with virtual dolphins. It’s a free app but does contain in app purchase options, something you can choose to turn off by disabling in app purchases in settings on your iPad or iPhone, or you can make small purchases to open up new items and options in the game.

By taking good care of your dolphins you can keep them healthy and happy so that they want to learn those tricks. Show them some love by petting them. Keep them healthy by feeding them and let them swim and play in the paradise lagoon. The kids loved this part, it was easy to make them happy and keep them healthy so I could leave the kids to play, confident that it wasn’t too tough!

I liked the mini-games; by keeping the lagoon clear of jellyfish you earn shells and pearls that you can spend on dolphins, props etc. This means you can increase the play value without spending money but of course it does take a little while to build up your ‘earnings’.

You can share your progress, pictures, scores etc via Facebook and Twitter which would help an older child keep in touch with their friends and each others progress. You can also visit Friend’s lagoons, and play with their dolphins, and win points for doing it!

All in all a good free app that offers fun and interest. Its fun to get up and close, and “go swimming” with a dolphin or orca in a beautiful tropical environment.

For more information and the iTunes store see the Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends app

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