Making A House A Home

Recently we have been looking at new build houses.  I love that they have stunning kitchen and bathrooms but worry about the blank canvas effect. Whilst I know that this is my chance to really make a house a home I also know that putting your own stamp on a new build can be hard work.

I want to create a home that meets the needs of our family, it has to be a bit luxurious but also have space for the children to play that has a really comfy but stylish vibe.

For the Living Room I want something that is rustic yet glamorous, the type of room that you just want to curl up and relax in. When I saw this room it just summed up my perfect living room. Rustic but comfy, full of texture but light and airy.

Making A House a Home

Raphael Design/Homify

I love the grey/taupe colour scheme but with the added pop of colour here and there.

For my bedroom I want understated glamour. It has to be girly enough to suit me but without my husband feeling it’s no men allowed. I want a bit of sparkle with a touch of masculinity.

Making a House a Home


This room feels pretty but practical, I feel it might need just a little bit of extra sparkle but I like that it isn’t too girly.

For the kids I want them to have rooms that feel their own. Space to be them but that isn’t too age restricted. I don’t want to have to fully redecorate every couple of years. For C I want something that he can grow with, somewhere he can play, learn and relax . This room is simple, child friendly but not childish. It would be easy to change the look with new curtains/rug/bedding etc when he gets bored.  He will need plenty of storage for all his LEGO and toys, the under bed storage would be ideal to help keep things tidy and hidden away.

Making a House a Home

Quarto menino/Homify

For LissyLou it has to be girly but not babyish. This means it can’t have fairies or princesses but it must have an overall princess feel. Something that will make her feel special and that will be somewhere that she can play Barbies now but that she can feel comfortable as she gets older. This room has a good balance of those things. I like the material behind the bed, this could be easily changed when she is ready for an update and would let her make things more grown up when she is ready.

Making a House a Home

New Art/Homify


What would you do to make a house a new build house feel like a home? Any tips for making it feel yours?

Planning Our Next Book Club with Scholastic

Planning Our Next Book Club with Scholastic

The end of last term was very busy in more ways than one. A visit from Ofsted at my place of work meant I couldn’t liaise properly with the school office and the usual end of year work in the school office meant that sadly the book club just didn’t take off. I had hoped that the office would be able to hand out the leaflets and drop parents an email to confirm the shopping link but on this occasion due to the short notice it just didn’t get done.

Not to be deterred I decided that we would start planning straight away to ensure that the book club will be a big success next term. The Scholastic website makes it so easy. When you log on you can set things up straight away, the leaflets go directly to school ready for being handed out and you can even choose which months you want the deliveries to be made. So simple!

pic 11

I also decided that we could increase interaction with parents by sharing the link on our PTFA Facebook page. This will allow parents access the details straight from social media, something I think is very popular now. As I sit here on day 4 of the holidays I was more than ready to have something new for the children to do. So, I ordered just £20 of books and raised over £4 for school to spend. Not a fortune but I was pleased to see how little needs to be spent to make valuable commission, hopefully with our next sale we will raise enough to start that library restock!

It also means that I can experience things from a parents point of view when ordering. I have to say the process is very straight forward and the filtering options help you find what you are looking for with ease! I know the kids will love the sticker books and educational work books that I ordered.

From an organisation point of view I like that you can still take orders the old fashioned way if preferred and then someone inputs them onto the website where they sit with all the others. I know that my school were happy with the online system but it leaves options open for parents which has to be key to making the club successful.

So in order to make sure our next book club goes well I have arranged a team of PTFA volunteers and friends to help distribute the leaflets to the parents. We’ve also decided to allow parents a much wider window in which to order this time.  All in the hope we can maximise our commission and the new books we can buy for the school and all our children!

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Scholastic Book Clubs

As an active member of our School’s PTFA (I even run their blog!) I’m always on the lookout for ways to help the school raise more money. Any extra money that comes into the PTFA or school funds goes directly into enriching my children’s education so I’m always happy to help bring more cash in.

The Book Club idea isn’t a new concept. I remember the Book Club coming to school as a kid. The lady came with her brightly coloured cabinets filled with books and you went to the hall after school to have a look and then parents filled in a form and handed over their money to the lady running the club. Looking back it was probably a bit of a pain for the school. They had to take monies in, collate order forms and open the hall up after hours when what they really wanted to do was go home.

Scholastic Book Clubs

Now a days the Book Club is a little bit different. Scholastic Book Clubs are bang up to date with modern family life and now Book Clubs have gone high tech. You register online and have leaflets sent through to your school. The school hands the leaflets out to parents and gives them a link to order online (register at Meaning parents can sit at home and order books from the comfort of their favourite chair, with a cup of tea and staff at school can sit back and watch the orders flood in online without having to handle the money or any orders. I particularly liked that you can set up email alerts for when orders are placed. It’s nice to know that the system is working! I spoke to the head and the admin team at our school to check that they were happy with the small admin items such as handing out leaflets and sharing the link and once agreed I got the ball rolling.

20150624_170122Scholastic Book Clubs

Then the orders are all put together and delivered to school. So orders can be put in book bags or collected from the reception. Easy, no fuss Book Clubs – what’s not to like! The added value for the school is that for each sale over £10 they get a percentage commission which is paid in money to spend on new books. What school doesn’t need new books? Ours even had a book amnesty this year to try and get back books that might have been lurking under children’s beds so I know they were just as thrilled as I was at the prospect of getting some money to help buy some more!

Scholastic Book Clubs

The books from Scholastic Book Clubs are great quality, big name authors, big name characters and best of all big on value. The offers in the book rivalled things I’d seen on the high street, which is important when parents are looking for competitive prices, they might want to support school fundraising but they also need to know they aren’t paying over the odds to do so. It really feels like the Scholastic Book Clubs have got the formula just right on that score!

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