Kids Theatre This Easter At Square Chapel, Halifax

Kids Theatre This Easter At Square Chapel, Halifax

I think that taking kids to the theatre is a great chance for them to see stories come to life. I’m really pleased to tell you about some great kids theatre shows that are taking place at Square Chapel Centre for the Arts in Halifax this half term.

The great thing about Square Chapel is that they show interesting kids shows that bring classics stories to life, but they are accessible to all without the big theatre prices. That’s important, I think that theatre for kids should be priced in a way that enables families to enjoy it without having to pay through the nose. The following show tickets are priced at £8 or £9, which represents great value.

Family Fun This Easter with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Chicken Licken

Kids Theatre

On Thursday 2 April families are invited to enjoy the timeless Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as it bursts onto the stage in a new show packed full of strange contraptions and memorable characters. This family favourite Lewis Caroll tale presented by Box Tale Soup, will keep all the family entertained this Easter.

Kids Theatre

On Saturday 4 April head to Square Chapel Centre for the Arts for some puppetry theatre. Classic Ladybird Barnyard tales Chicken Licken, Little Red Hen and The Fox and the Hen will be combined in a lively and witty adaptation told using puppetry, music and cooking. Perfect family fun for kids and big kids alike.

For more information about these productions and to book tickets, please visit or phone the Box Office on 01422 349422.

We are going to see both shows, I think the kids will love them!

We have received tickets to see Chicken Licken but I think both shows sounded so good that I’ve bought tickets to see Alice in Wonderland too!

Nutmeg – Straight forward online savings and investments

Nutmeg – Straight forward online savings and investments

I’ve never had any investments. Mostly because they seem complicated, expensive and I thought it was only something you did if you had lots of money. I know you can visit a Financial Advisor, or your bank but other than that I’m pretty clueless on the options. I do know that it’s something I should look at in more details as a form of pension/long term savings, particularly know that I am self employed and don’t have an organised pension scheme. I would like to know that I’ve got something to enjoy in my old age!

I was interested to hear about a new way of investing that sounded more straightforward than investments have been in the past and that requires less money up front. Nutmeg is a new online savings and investment company. The idea is to make investments more accessible and easier to manage. Something where you don’t need to deeply understand the in’s and outs of all your portfolio, but that offers you more options than a bog standard savings account to make your money grow.

But how does it work? The basic principle is to make investing as straight forward as it can be. There is the choice of investing in a saving account, and an ISA or a pension. The minimum investment levels are lower than I expected, you can start with just a £1,000 lump sum, then just a minimum monthly payment of £50. This kind of investing works best over a long term, gradually building and adding to it as you can. However, you are free to withdraw as much of your money as you like at any time – you’re not locked in and you only pay a withdrawal fee if you want the money quickly, although really, if you need instant access this probably isn’t the best kind of saving for you.

A positive key feature of Nutmeg for me is that the charging structure for fees is very clear, fees range between 1% and 0.3%, depending on the value of the investment.

If it’s something you are interested in and want to consider you can get an initial projection based upon your money, how much risk you are willing to take and monthly contributions etc, all easily altered with sliding buttons or text boxes. It’s a great way to get an indication of how it might work. No commitment required at this stage and you don’t have to provide your email address or any personal details. Here is my initial projection based upon those minimum amounts.


The next step is to sign up, there is still no obligation at this point, but does allow you to move forward and take a test that helps analyse your attitude to risk, which should help you further understand where to move that slider option on the projection and also helps you know which of Nutmeg’s investment portfolios would be the most suitable for you and your money. There will be a portfolio to suit everyone but that’s what is so important about investing, you find a way that suits you and offers you the risk that you are comfortable in taking. Think carefully when answering the questions and about what the levels of risk mean for you personally.

Have you ever thought about investments?

Sponsored post – all views my own, please remember that investments carry risk and you should carefully consider the positives and negatives of investing before you commit.

Looking After Your Childs Teeth – My Top Tips

Looking After Your Childs Teeth – My Top Tips

It’s understandable that going to the dentist can be a daunting experience for children, but good teeth brushing and learning how to look after their teeth can help reduce worry in the dentist’s chair. But for when you do need to make that trip there are some tips to help with that too!

Make Teeth Brushing Fun!

We sing a song when brushing our teeth, the kids get to pick their favourite and we brush in time to the music. Singing helps keep little tongues out of the way of the brush and makes sure that they open extra wide! It also means you get to brush for a good amount of time, which means those little teeth will be sparkling!

You can also try brushing their teeth in front of the mirror, this helps them see what is happening in their mouth as you/they brush.

Remember, dentists advice is that children are supervised until around age 8 to ensure the best brush techniques and successful cleaning.

Looking After Your Childs Teeth - My Top Tips


Talk About How Your Teeth Look A Feel When They Are Clean

After teeth brushing we encourage the children to look in the mirror at how clean their teeth are and to think about how their mouth feels. This shows them the benefits of cleaning their teeth and how good clean teeth look and feel.

The Importance Of The Dentist

The reason for going to the dentist is to maintain oral health, and getting this message across to your children will instil in them the idea that having their teeth checked or worked on is something they will have to do.

Familiarise Your Child With Staff And The Dentist Setting

For children, the dentist may be an unfamiliar setting or a place they associate with bad experiences. In any case, it’s important to create a friendly and familiar environment for children, even if it means taking them on a tour and meeting staff. Creating a positive environment for children will reduce anxiety, both now and in the future.

When we go to the dentist we always encourage the children to talk to our dentist briefly before they hop on the chair, this helps make the dentist seem like a friend. If they are feeling nervous we sit together in the chair, hold hands or take a toy to sit with them. Familiar things or people can help reduce the worry. If your child needs dental work then reassure them that you are there and that the dentist is helping them. Try not to share experiences or your own worries about the dentist. Instead talk about how much better they will feel after the work is done.

Do you have any top tips on cleaning kid’s teeth or visiting the dentist?

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