Making A Simple Car Costume

Making A Car Costume

In a quiet moment one day last week and short of something interesting to do with LissyLou I sat at the kitchen table with some paper wondering if we should draw when my eyes fell upon some left over office paper boxes and a plan started to form. Using the boxes, some coloured paper and other bits and pieces we came up with a wearable car costume. Here’s how we did it!
Making A Simple Car Costume

1. Cut out the base of the box so you are left with a hollow cardboard shape

2. Decorate your box, we used coloured paper but you could use poster paints or pens etc to create your main design. If you have more time the kids could spend hours on this part

3. Make headlights. We cut circles out of the spare cardboard and covered them in tin foil

4. Attach the headlights with glue

5. Make the straps, you need long piece of paper, ribbon or similar. We used old flip chart paper and doubled the strips over to add strength

6. Attach the straps with plenty of parcel tape so that they don’t come loose

7. Strengthen the box if needed with added card on the inside and more parcel tape

8. Make a steering wheel. We used a paper plate cut smaller to fit, you could take more time and colour the wheel

9. Add wheels to the side of the box, you could draw them or cut them out and stick them to suit the materials you have to hand

10. Get outside and have a race around the garden. You can create a race track by laying out rope on the ground or improvise with tape marking the track

Making A Simple Car Costume


New Cadbury Chocolate – Chips Ahoy!

New Cadbury Chocolate – Chips Ahoy!

There’s a new bar in town! Cadbury have released another of their chocolate collaberations, this time with Chips Ahoy cookies to create a chocolate bar stuffed with a delicious Chips Ahoy centre. If you haven’t heard of Chips Ahoy it’s a cookie brand from America that seems to be filtering across the pond now.

We love Cadbury and have enjoyed these new collaberations over the past couple of years. The Cadbury Chips Ahoy bar is no exception. With classic Dairy Milk filled with a creamy biscuit flavoured filling and Chips Ahoy cookie pieces and chocolate chips. It’s not dissimilar to the Dairy Milk with Oreo bar actually if you’ve tried that one?

New Cadbury Chocolate - Chips Ahoy!

It definitely went down a storm here and is a nice variation on a classic chocolate bar and something the family can all share!

We were gifted some Cadbury Chips Ahoy for this review.

Activities To Do With Kids On Holiday In Benidorm

Activities To Do With Kids On Holiday In Benidorm

Are you travelling to Benidorm with your family and worried about what activities your kids can engage in while there to make the trip worthwhile? You really do not need to worry your head because Benidorm, Spain is a fun vacation destination that is perfect for families who frequently travel with children. With so many fun places to visit, your children will never have a dull moment. Here is an overview of some of the most popular destinations and activities that you should never miss while in Benidorm with children.

Benidorm Circus

This destination should never miss on your family vacation itinerary, especially if your kids enjoy circus entertainment. Set in the Benidorm Palace car park, Benidorm Circus offers you and your children the opportunity to enjoy an impressive show by professional magicians – strong men reminiscent of the Cirque De Soleil and mime characters. Performances take place on Sundays, starting from 6:30pm.

Aqua Natura

This is a water-cum-wildlife park in Benidorm that promises to give you and your kids that “Zooinmersion” experience. Boasting a unique concept in habitat, Aqua Natura gives you the chance to get up close and personal to animals — something you may not be able to experience anywhere else. This is where you can be on different continents by being in just one place, which covers some 320,000 square meters and with impressive ecosystem replicas.


Opened in 1985, Aqualandia is said to be the first water park to be built in Spain and covers a massive area. It is set in a scenic natural landscape and sits on an area of about 150,000 square metres. This is the place to be with your children given the variety of pools, slides and several other water attractions on offer. There are also ice-cream parlours, bars, pizzeria, self-service restaurants and picnic areas, among others.


How about an opportunity to swim with dolphins? Mundomar offers you just that. It features large pools for dolphins and sea lions, which your children can play with. This park is located in a location with lush tropical gardens and waterfalls. There are also penguins and lemurs that visitors are allowed to feed. Mundomar is also home to a variety of other animals, including parrots, capuchin monkeys, tropical birds and otters to name a few.

An exciting experience awaits you and your kids in Benidorm. These are just few of the area’s top attractions; there are several more. A visit here promises to be one to remember long after.


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