Simple Photo-Related Gift Ideas

Simple Photo-Related Gift Ideas

Giving and receiving gifts is a pleasurable experience, at any time of the year. At least it should be. Unfortunately, sometimes you get a bit stuck when trying to come up with ideas. Occasionally, no matter how much you rack your brains, you still struggle to come up with the ideal present for a friend or family member. Well, hopefully, this article will help. Here are a few photo-related gift ideas that have the potential to work for any person.

Canvas Prints

A canvas print always looks good. They fit in really well with practically any style of home decor and appeal to virtually every age group. Hello canvas collages are easy to order. All you need to do is to provide the images, let them know the size you want and let them do the rest. They print out your design, wrap it up and send it to either you or the person you are giving it to as a gift.

If you have enjoyed a holiday with a friend or family member, you could perhaps put together a collage of snaps.

Alternatively, if you know they like butterflies or sunflowers you could choose to use those images instead.

Create a photo calendar

A similar idea is to take 12 or 13 images and use them to create a photo calendar. There are plenty of free templates available online. All you need to use them is a good printer, enough ink and the right type of printing paper.

Put together a photo cube

Do you remember photo cubes? Well, they are coming back into vogue. They are a great way to display up to six photos. The cubes are not expensive and your local photo shop will print out the images you need to complete your project.

Buy a photo cover

Most people own a phone, tablet or laptop, some own all three. These items are all quite expensive, which is why most owners use some sort of protective cover. If you know the make and model your friend owns you can potentially buy them a new cover that features your choice of photo. These bright, high-quality protective covers really do make excellent gifts.

Photo Cakes

If you like baking you can easily make a personalised cake or cupcakes to give as a gift. There are several ways to do it. By far the easiest approach is to find a firm that creates edible photo toppers and let them print one up for you. There are several of these companies online. Alternatively, you can trace the photo and use it as a template to allow you to recreate the image with coloured icing.

More inspiration

If none of the above ideas appeal to you, do not worry. As you can see by taking a look at this Pinterest board there are hundreds of ways photos can be used to create decorative items. They all have the potential to make fantastic gifts for your family or friends to enjoy, as well as being an excellent for decorating your home.

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