Getting in shape and the risk of gym-jury!

Well, summer is nearly over. I’ve over indulged. I’ve eaten a few too many nice lunches and definitely let the diet slip more than I should. So with the prospect of back to work next week I’m ready to get back on track, back into a routine, to eating right and to exercising more too. 

But exercise doesn’t come without its drawbacks. We all know that feeling the next day when you’ve pushed a bit too hard at the gym and just walking up stairs feels like a marathon but what if you actually hurt yourself?

A recent study by Hayward Baker found that one in 10 British adults have sought medical attention following a gym-jury.  With inflictions from a sprained ankle right the way through to a long term back problem it makes you want to stay home on the sofa! But apparently 38% of people don’t warm up, even against the advice of the gym! Sounds like a recipe for disaster really, doesn’t it? 

But what if you do everything right? What if you warm up, follow the instructions but something still goes wrong? What if the gym-jury wasn’t your fault? The interactive compensation calculator from Hayward Baker could help you see what compensation you might get for your gym-jury.


You can find the online compensation calculator through Hayward Baker
This is a collaborative post with Hayward Baker.


Getting in shape and the risk of gym-jury! — 4 Comments

  1. I started the gym in January of this year and have not achieved my goal. I have lost a stone though.
    I didn’t know how to use most of the equipment properly but the staff are always willing to show you. I certainly didn’t know how to lift weights safely.

    I started with a Personal Trainer this month and, although expensive, the amount of tips, support and advice I get is great. I definitely think I’ll hit my winter goal 😉

  2. I think the pandemic of Gym culture is more to do with the perception of no time. Idea being that you can get fit in a short period of time by using specialised equipment. But surely this is like running your car constantly in high revs… In a way its a sort of laziness… If we all had an active lifestyle, unless we were training for sport, the gym really wouldn’t be needed.

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