Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker

You know those things you see advertised or in shops that the kids are desperate to try. They appear a bit gimmicky or perhaps a bit unnecessary? Well the Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker fell firmly into that category.

The kids have been desperate to try one as they are massive fans of yoghurt but I’ve always been dubious as to whether they were too much hassle compared to buying yoghurt so from the supermarket.

So, when we were sent the Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker to review I was definitely sceptical as to whether I would think it was a handy kitchen gadget or just a space taker.

Firstly, it does take up a reasonable amount of worktop or cupboard space, and it does look like a space age, cryogenic style capsule but it’s not huge.

Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker

The process for preparing yoghurt to go in the Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker is simple, just add one of the sachets, mix it with water, and add warm water to the Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker and leave it to set overnight. Very simple really.

Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker


Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker

What did we think of the Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker?

The result? Thick, creamy tasting yoghurt. The kids were impressed, they wanted to try other flavours and that’s where the Easi-Yo website comes in. They have tonnes of different flavours from everyday favourites to luxurious special mixes plus fruit squirts and toppings. Sachets of the yoghurt mix are about £2.49

The current offer on the website is an Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker with 3 sachets and a lunchtime sized takeaway pot for just £18.99

Would I recommend the Easi-Yo Yoghurt Maker? If you spend as much a week as we do on yoghurt so (around £8) then it would definitely save you a little bit of money. For the price it’s a bit of fun, you can give it a go without breaking the bank and the kids thought it was great.


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  1. Making your own yogurt is fun and easy! I taught my daughter how to do it and now it’s one of her chores but I don’t think minds it because we always have fresh yogurt in the fridge now.

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