Parenting Hacks with Arla Big Milk

As a busy working parent I love parenting hacks, those little tips and tricks from other people that make your life easier with kids. Handy little ‘secrets’ that other parents have that make them look like super parents. I like those tips, anything that make me look clever or more organised are big wins for me.

Arla Big Milk agrees, they love a good parenting hack or two, too. They’ve picked tips from parents and created these fun parenting hack videos that you will love.

I have a favourite little tip of my own that’s both fun and practical. Do you have children who constantly lose the chargers for their tablets? Or drop them down under desks etc and bang their heads when they go hunting for them? Well look no further, you can even make this a really cheap parenting hack if you have LEGO hiding around the place, we have hundreds of thousands of these little LEGO men so we were all set to create these great wire holders:

Parenting Hacks with Arla Big Milk

Wire too thick for the LEGO figures hand? Give them a little bulldog clip to hold and the wire clips in there neatly! You can stick them to your desk or cupboard with blu-tack making them easy to move when you want to put them somewhere else.

Like it? Want a few more?

This video is a simple way to stop children from getting stuck in the bathroom (or any room for that matter!)

Does your little one put their shoes on the wrong feet? This really simple trick will help them learn to put them on the right feet quickly and easily!

Need a fun paint activity but hate the mess? Try this super simple, mess free option next time your little one wants the paints out?

Do you have a parenting hack you swear by? Let me know below and why not help out other parents by sharing them over on the Arla Big Milk Facebook page?

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