Getting Kids Into Golf With Online Golf

Back in the summer we attended an event at Hilton Leeds City with Online Golf. The event was a chance for the kids to try their hands at golf and play some fun filled games.

My two both love crazy golf so I thought it would be fun for them to try something a bit more serious to see if they liked it and to get some advice on what you can do to encourage kids to try more.

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As both my children are little left handers I was interested to know more about specific clubs that might help them. I was interested to learn that 8 out of 10 left handed juniors actually play golf right handed. In order to assess whether or not your child should play right or left handed you should get them assessed by a golf coach who can see which hand they are naturally better suited to. Both my two were using a stance and style that made them appear to suit right handed golf better.

Kids Get Into Golf With Online Golf

They had a fantastic day trying out various golf games and came home with a cap and some balls and tees. They had a great day and were both more than a little bit enthusiastic about getting into golf. All we need now is a set of junior clubs so they can practice at home!


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  1. I love Golf, it’s good to see the future generation still very much interested in our great sport! I’m thinking about getting my little one on the green with me soon….Might start with crazy golf to peak their interest like you did. Many thanks.

  2. Great Idea!To encourage kids to get into Golf it could be standard decision to start indoors. It helps kids to build confidence, thanks Ramblings for sharing

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