Serenz Allergy Relief Review #Serenz

As a family we suffer from our fair share of allergies, C has pretty nasty hay fever and dust allergies as does his Dad. I have hay fever which seems to get worse each year. We’ve tried every anti-histamine going, tried natural remedies and the sea salt sprays and nasal gels. I’ve never been wowed by any of them. So when I was sent the Serenz Allergy Relief  to review I was interested to see how it would compare in terms of ease of use, results and price.

Serenz Allergy Relief is a hand held unit, it looks a nasal hair trimmer and is about the same size. It works by using carbon dioxide to clean your nose and nasal passages and hopes to relieve allergy symptoms.

Serenz Allergy Relief Review

I started by reading the instructions carefully, wanting to be sure that I could use it correctly. At this point I should mention that the  Serenz Allergy Relief is for over 18s only so I knew not to use it on the children. The instructions also advised that Serenz can cause some stinging that is temporary.  I can confirm that the first couple of times I used Serenz I did experience a burning sensation, this stopped almost immediately and it didn’t put me off using Serenz Allergy Relief Review again.

I find that within seconds of using the Serenz Allergy Relief I feel better, instantly some of the nasal congestion and itching is relieved. I was genuinely surprised to find such instant results. Based upon the results I would recommend people with allergies try Serenz Allergy Relief.

Serenz Allergy Relief has an rrp of £19.90, do not as cheap as over the counter medicines but each bottle contains approx 40 cleanses and it’s a natural product so it won’t interfere with other hay fever medicines so you can use it alongside your anti histamines if required to help improve systems, or on its own to avoid taking medicines. It is fairly expensive but the results are far superior to my normal medicine so I will use it when my symptoms are at their worst to really help improve things quickly. You can buy Serenz Allergy Relief from Weldricks

I received the Serenz Allergy Relief for the purposes of this review.

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