4 of Best SUV’s for Suburban Mums this Summer

4 of Best SUV’s for Suburban Mums this Summer
4 of Best SUV’s for Suburban Mums this Summer

SUV style cars are great for busy mums for many reasons. Not only are they powerful enough to bring all the family, luggage and any other essential equipment along for a ride but they’re also capable of cramming in more people much safely than your average car.


For suburban mum’s then, owning a SUV makes a lot of sense. This summer, with holiday plans, hobbies and the usual work-life commitments, you’ll likely need something that’s dependable, roomy and comfortable enough to take on both long and short trips alike.

With all that in mind, why not take a look at the following four SUV’s out there in the automobile market today? Their features and looks can definitely help you get out of (and look better) in any logistical jam.

Nissan Qashqai

The curiously named Nissan Qashqai might be difficult to pronounce but with features like its huge passenger compartment, fuel efficient engines and an overhauled interior design, you shouldn’t let that put you off.

Looking like a 4×4, the Qashqai is lighter than your average off-roader and is quieter too (good news for the kids). The new model’s brake function, that comes into action in the case of potholes or other unexpected obstacles, helps cancel out the pitch and makes for a smoother ride.

A safe and dependable choice.

Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is loudly being touted as an SUV for every season (not just for summer). What that means for mum’s though is that you know exactly what you’re getting with this car, which is something that is going to deliver great performance no matter the weather (even those pesky summer downpours and unexpected floods).

Features like daytime running headlamps, heated mirrors, a luxury crafted interior and its smart ‘selec-terrain’ system all help make the Cherokee a fine buy. What’s more is the Cherokee has a 5 star Euro NCAP rating making it super safe.

Then there’s Jeep’s signature style and award-winning design touches like the wireless charging pack, steering wheel controls and touchscreen navigation; all things that could prove invaluable to busy multitasking mums trying to keep everybody in the car happy.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover has long been a brand associated with great looking and reliable cars that fulfill all the needs of hectic family life.

The Discovery Sport is no different. Featuring optional 5 + 2 seating, there’s plenty of capacity in this option should your family be getting bigger or should you be accustomed to taking your children’s friends out often.

A sleek, aerodynamic model that still keeps at the forefront Land Rover capability, the Discovery has been tested in all terrains in a while range of countries (making it perfect for summer and beyond).

Mazda CX-5

Last on this round up is Mazda’s CX-5 model, a very fuel-efficient and great value vehicle that is also worth a look.

With its nice dynamics and steering, mum’s can be sure the CX-5 is a safe ride but it’s also economical too, given the fact it has two engines, one petrol and one diesel.

And while the interior isn’t as lavish as say the Jeep Cherokee a 503-litre boot that expands to 1,620 litres comes in pretty handy.

An SUV for busy mum’s this summer might just help the whole family stay sane. Hopefully the models above have given some food for thought.

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