Our Family Night In

As a family we love a family night in. Quite often on a Friday/Saturday night we curl up together and watch a movie – a sort of chill out after a long and busy week. At the moment we love Saturday Night Takeaway, guilt free family TV that makes us all laugh.

When Gracewell of Fareham offerred to send us a movie and snacks to help us enjoy a family night in we were thrilled. Not that we need an excuse but it’s always nice to be given that extra push.

We chose the live action Cinderalla movie, something LissyLou and I had seen together at the cinema but that C and Daddy Ramblings hadn’t had the chance to watch. We started our family night in with board games – always a good way to get us all together. We love the competetive aspect, well until LissyLou loses and then she cries, but that’s another story.

Family Night In

Then we settled down with snacks and our movie.

Family Night In As often happens Daddy Ramblings fell asleep and then we all take it in turns to pause the movie and get up for loo breaks or new refreshments but we were still all together. I think that’s the most important part, being together, even if we are all engrossed in the movie.

Do you have a favourite thing to do for family nights in?

Gracewell of Fareham sent us a movie and snacks to help us enjoy our family night in

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