LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine

LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine

If you have a LEGO fan in your family then you may well already know about the new LEGO Nexo Knights range, but did you know that there is also a new LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine too? Well C had spotted an advert for the magazine a while ago and was already excited about getting his hands on a copy. If you haven’t heard of LEGO Nexo Knights then in a nutshell it’s a new range based on a fantasy castle theme – think sort of space age knights and you’re on the right lines.

LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine

This was his face when the first edition hit our doormat earlier this week.

LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine

The LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine comes with a LEGO Nexo Knights figure, Lance, C was particularly impressed with the food and drink accessories that came with him!

LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine

The LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine itself was a huge hit, it contains great cartoons, fun puzzles and cool info/pictures etc and would be ideally suited to both LEGO fans and boys and girls aged approximately 6-10.

The magazine will retail at approx £3.25, I think this is a bargain as each magazine comes with a free gift and the magazine is better quality than a lot of kids mags.

We would highly recommend the LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine, it’s out this week (24th February 2016), grab a copy for your LEGO fan!

We received a copy of the magazine in exchange for this review.



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