Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bags

Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bags

Following on from my post about themed kids bedrooms we have been thinking a lot about how to help our children sleep well, especially with the clocks changing and the colder nights. When I was sent a Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag to review I was intrigued to see how a sleeping bag that reminded me of when the children were babies could help them sleep now as children.

The Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bags are basically the same as those lovely sleeping bags you lovingly put your baby to sleep in when they are tiny. They are just now enhanced with the exact thing I always wished they had – sleeves.

LissyLou is possibly the wriggliest sleeper I’ve ever known, she honestly loses her covers within seconds of being in bed. Which means that even if we put them back on when we go to bed she is sure to wake in the night cold and without covers.

She was thrilled to try the Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bags. She loved the pony design and instantly was excited to try out the bag, The quality of the Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag is very good. Warm, cosy and padded. A perfect recipe for a good nights sleep. I think for the coldest nights I would put her a blanket over the top to keep her hands warm but I am sure it would keep her body toasty.

Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bags

So far she has become very attached to her Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag, she insists on taking it to Grandmas at the weekend and was most distressed when we wouldn’t allow her to bring it on holiday this week.

I’d highly recommend the Slumbersac Long Sleeve Sleeping Bags, so much so that we will be getting one for C too, he has fallen in love with his sisters bag and is desperate for his own too! They retail at around the £30 mark which seems reasonable for the quality and useability, they come in sizes 12-36mths, 3-6yrs and 6-10yrs so they will last a good length of time too.



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