When I was a child my mum got us a tutor. We were doing ok academically but who couldn’t use a bit of extra guidance now and again? I was preparing for my 11+ exam and we both benefited from some extra tuition.

I remember going for weekly tuition and even to a special summer school. Mum found the tutor through a recommendation from someone she knew but looking forward I know I will want some help in finding a tutor who would suit the children, particularly if I don’t know someone who can suggest a tutor.

Tutorfair have a responsive, easy to use website that lets you search for a tutor by subject and area. Allowing you to find the right tutor for your child’s needs. A sample price for a London based tutor who could tutor in Maths of 11+ started from approx £25. There are even tutors who offer tutoring via SKYPE – perfect if you can’t find a tutor in the right location or if you are unable to get your child to a tutor. Each verified tutor is also DBS checked, met in person and has their references and certificates checked. Giving you peace of mind.


When you click on a tutors profile it links you straight through to further information about them and lets you see their availability. It also gives you a timescale in which the tutor will respond to your query. Ideal. You can pay online which makes things easy and if you are unhappy with your first lesson Tutorfair will refund the money.

The big difference with Tutorfair is  that “For every student who pays, Tutorfair gives free tutoring to a child that can’t” (the ‘fair’ bit). The Tutorfair foundation aims to help under priviledged children to get access to tuition. So you are doing your bit to helps others as your child learns.

Here are top 5 benefits of summer tuition, which promote new learning, engagement and retention. How could a tutor help your child over the summer holidays?

  1. Increase their Confidence

Use the long summer holiday to practice, reinforce and work on topics that your child has struggled with during term time. Too many students “hate” a subject, because they don’t feel confident or competent.

  1. Avoid Boredom

Maintaining a regular structure over the holidays helps to keep children from becoming bored. Also, promoting new ways of learning (unconstrained by a rigid syllabus) throughout the summer will help with an easier transition back to school in September.

  1. Prevent The Summer Slide

Students experience learning loss over the summer months, as they tend not to participate in any learning activities. Practicing skills learned over the past year, and getting a head start on the upcoming curriculum can help jump-start learning, and confidence, come September.

  1. Smooth the Transition into a New School

Moving schools can be a stressful, difficult and anxious time at any age. Students are learning in a new environment, making new friends and working to a new set of expectations from their teachers. A tutor can teach some of the new topics and learning strategies to help ease students into their new school.

  1. Works Around You

The tutor can work around your schedule, and also tailor lessons to meet the interests and individual needs of your child.

So if you think your child could benefit from some tuition, maybe they are finding a specific subject more challenging, or they might just want to lift their grade in a subject that’s important for their chosen career. Why not give it a try and see if a small investment in their future could make the difference!

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