Magna Science Adventure Centre

Magna Science Adventure Centre

Magna Science Adventure Centre
Magna Science Adventure Centre has been on our wishlist of places to go for the past couple of years but we hadn’t had the opportunity to go until very recently. The opening hours over summer are 10am-5pm but from the 7th September they will switch to their winter hours which are as follows:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Open to school bookings only
Wednesday – Open to school bookings only
Thursday – Open to school bookings only
Friday – Open to school bookings only
Saturday – Open to all visitors from 10am – 4pm
Sunday – Open to all visitors from 10am – 4pm
The attraction will be open to all visitors over the October half term period every day between Saturday 17th October and Sunday 1st November inclusive from 10am – 4pm

We arrived just before 10am, hoping that this would mean it was quieter, at least for a while. We were not disappointed, there were a couple of other families waiting to go in but we only waited a couple of minutes to talk to the attendant, we had pre-paid the entrance fees (a family of 4 ticket was £36.95 online, compared to £39,45 on the door). The ticket allows you access to the Magna Science Adventure Centre, playground and water park, plus as an added bonus you get free entry for a year. You just have to provide some information and bring a passport sized photo each when you return to get your annual pass validated. I thought this was a very useful addition and we will definitely take advantage of this.

The Magna Science Adventure Centre has loads of hands on exhibits and was of interest to the adults (facts/figures/history about Steelworks and Science) and the kids (fun, hands on toys, experiments etc).

Magna Science Adventure CentreMagna Science Adventure Centre

Magna Science Adventure Centre is split into four areas, Earth, Air, Fire and Water and each area offers experiments, education and fun. Both children enjoyed learning how things work/why things happen and getting to see things happen in front of their eyes.

We LOVED the following activities:

– The Red Bull Stratos Exhibition (on until 31st August 2015) – we were all really pleased to get to see this temporary exhibit, space and all the elements of space are interesting and exciting. We also got to see a great talk about Space with a very engaging presenter and some brilliant experiments.

Magna Science Adventure Centre Magna Science Adventure Centre

– FIRE – The fire Tornado – very cool! The cranes you operate to pick up cans and move them, great fun and something we could all do together.

Magna Science Adventure Centre

– WATER – all the water area was a huge hit, from walking through the ‘rain’, to shooting water cannons, learning about waves and general play, we all laughed and splashed!

– EARTH – deep down in the depths was EARTH, the kids loved playing with the toys in the sand area, trying real diggers and playing with cranks, levers and pulleys to move ‘rocks’ around. It was great fun!

We had a light lunch in the cafe and thought the prices were reasonable, a kids lunch box was around £4.50 but included a full size sandwich, yoghurt, drink, packet of crisps and a chocolate bar – a massive lunch for a younger child! I also thought the coffee was very good, well priced and good quality!

We had picked a brilliant day from a weather point of view which meant the playground and water park were popular with our children. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a good/varied playground and we let the children enjoy the different areas. It was brilliant.

Magna Science Adventure Centre Magna Science Adventure Centre Magna Science Adventure Centre

The Aquatek, water park was great fun. I had brought a spare change of clothes and a towel but given how nice the weather was I should have taken their swimming costumes! They ended up drenched but very happy. They loved running through the sprays, splashing each other and laughing their heads off. Not really possible to stay dry so do remember the change of clothes!

We would highly recommend Magna Science Adventure Centre, we had a brilliant day and will be going again soon.

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