If I Ruled The Land

The Light Shopping Centre in Leeds asked us to think about what we would do if we were Princes or Princesses for the day. Me? Well if I ruled the land I would make sure I went straight to the front of the queue in coffee shops, make all traffic lights turn green when I get to them and be able to book a table at great restaurants with no notice every single time. Oh and let’s not forget a cocktail designed especially for me!

The kids had different ideas, I don’t know if I agree with them but you might want LissyLou to become a Princess, who doesn’t want to wear pink, eat sparkly cake, wizz around the kingdom on ‘Wheelies’ and do everything she says? Hmmm, not sure what orders she might issue, she can be bossy when she likes!


C on the other hand thinks everyone should play with LEGO and if they don’t do what he says then he will put them in the stocks. He’s clearly the meaner of the two.

What would you do if you were a Prince or Princess and ruled the land?

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