Ballet Exams

Ballet Exams

Both C and LissyLou take ballet lessons. LissyLou has had lessons for over 12 months and C has been going for 8 months. C took his Pre-Primary RAD exam and LissyLou took an inhouse exam set by her ballet Teacher.




Both kids love ballet, I think it is teaching them control, confidence and poise. The like it because their teacher is fantastic. She is an ex-ballerina and ex Primary School Teacher, so she comes at it from two angles, a combination that means her lessons are tough but fun.

C worked incredibly hard for his RAD exam, he was understandably nervous but also excited about showing off his hard work and preparation to the examiner. The hard part is that the exam was in mid-Feb and we didn’t get the results until mid-April. Two months is a very long wait for a then 5 year old.

But his efforts paid off and again he learned the value of hard work. I think that the presentation event made both children proud and when htey had their awards presented they were both very excited.

I hope they continue to enjoy their ballet lessons, I don’t expect either of them to take it very far but for now they have found something they enjoy and that makes me happy.



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