#BeSuper with Barbie Princess Power

#BeSuperIn celebration of National Superhero Day Barbie invited us to enter the world of Superhero Power and enjoy a party with friends and watch the Barbie Princess Power DVD. In the DVD Barbie celebrates how girls can be Super, just through simple small acts such as kindness and helpfulness.



LissyLou was incredibly excited about the prospect of a Superhero party aimed at girls, she’s not adverse to dressing up as a superhero herself, but she loved the free Mask that came with the DVD. The film itself was engaging and uplifting, even C who thinks Barbie is just for girls had to stop playing with his toys and come and watch it. He liked the storyline even if he couldn’t quite bring himself to like Barbies!


LissyLou doing her best serious Superhero face!

Stuffed full of catchy songs and inspiring characters the Barbie Princess Power DVD will be a hit with the girls (and the boys too – although they possibly won’t admit it!)

The new Barbie Superhero toys were met with gasps of awe and amazement by LissyLou who prompted insisted they play with them all straight away, her friends were thrilled with the little makeup sets that were their party presents too!.

I love the makeup station for Barbie that converts into a Superhero station – very easy to swivel and the added bonus of it being able to fit a mobile phone means you could record and play your own Superhero messages for Barbie to watch!

Little Chelsea on her scooter is so sweet, I think she was my favourite.


Both kids were amazed by how Barbie’s skirt converts into a Superhero cape and vice versa, perfect for role play and full games! So much cooler than Superman changing in a phone booth.


I like the ethos of #BeSuper because I think the focus on even little things being Super is empowering for children and strong. The DVD was just the right side of sweet and uplifting without being saccarine.

Barbie Princess Power is out now on DVD, #BeSuper

We received the DVD and toys to hold our party, all thoughts are our own.

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