Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid

Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid

LissyLou is really into Barbie at the moment. She got a Barbie house for Christmas and since then she has been wanting more Barbies to extend her collection. We were sent the Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid to review and LissyLou was very excited to see that it combined two of her favourite things, Barbie and bubbles.

The first thing to note is that the Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid comes with the Barbie, some bubbles and a bubble tray. Barbies mermaid tail provides the mechanism to make bubbles.

Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid

LissyLou was instantly impressed by the purple and pink theme (her two favourite colours). I was pleased that Barbie’s ‘clothes’ are painted/moulded on. Nothing to get wet other than her hair! We followed the instructions and poured bubble mix into the tray.

Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid 2

Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid


Then you pull the pull cord on the back to set the bubbles flowing. We found it quite difficult to get the bubbles flowing and did find that the bubble mix flies everywhere (you might want to encourage outdoor play with this one!) but LissyLou loves it! It’s a really girly, fun toy and I have to admit the Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid is very pretty!

Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid

We were sent the Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid to review, all thoughts our own.



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