TomTom GO 5000 Review

TomTom GO 5000 Review

I love our TomTom but we’ve had it for years and it’s been slowly getting less useable as maps have updated and it’s system just seemed out of date and slower each time we used it. So when we were sent the TomTom GO 5000 to review I can’t say I was sorry to see my old TomTom go, it’s faired us well in the UK, France and Spain but I think it was time for it to be replaced with a newer, prettier, quicker model.

The TomTom GO 5000 appeals because it’s designed to receive real time traffice information, designed to help you beat the traffic and get home to your loved ones. In fact TomTom have created an online complimentary children’s book, Alfie’s Story, which is available to parents to redeem as part of an exclusive TomTom GO and book package. The book is the story of a little boy and his mum, trying to get home from school in time for a new book at bedtime. The book isn’t war and peace but is a fun take on how the TomTom GO 5000 can help you get around obstacles. For more information on the book please see

TomTom GO 5000 Review

The TomTom GO 5000 has connectivity built in. The Always connected feature means that you can easily access TomTom traffic and Speed Camera info whenever you needed. The unit regularly receives information about changing traffic conditions. If traffic jams or other incidents are found on your current route, your device will offer to replan your route to try and avoid any delays.

A major plus is that I used the traffic option on the way to work one day and found a new route that is saving me time every day! Really making a big difference to a heavy traffic portion of my commute.

TomTom GO 5000 Review

The main downside to the TomTom GO 5000 is that when it arrived it needed updating so dutifully I plugged it into my computer and started the updates. This is when I encountered a problem. The TomTom GO 5000 doesn’t have enough internal memory for all the updates! In order to download them all I need an micro SD card, an added inconvenience and expense that wasn’t communicated. I spoke to TomTom customer support (who were very helpful) but they couldn’t rectify the problem completely and could only advise I could take a micro SD card from my camera or phone!

The positives! The TomTom GO 5000 comes with a 5 inch wide-screen, much clearer to see than my previous model. It attaches to a bracket that suctions onto your windscreen, meaning you could leave the bracket attached and take the unit with you. We take the whole unit down when not it use or when we are leaving the car.

The touch screen is responsive and easy to navigate and has new functionality that means it works like current smart phones and tablets in terms of zooming in.

We liked that you can set the voice of your TomTom GO 5000 and there are a range of different accents to choose from. We call our TomTom friend Lucy, the kids like talking to her as we drive, particularly when she tells us to “Do a U-Turn when possible” – they find that hilarious! That normally happens when we don’t follow the route she’s advised. It is quick to find a alternative but sometimes the fastest remedy is to do that U-Turn!

Overall the TomTom GO 5000 is a good sat nav, my only real suggestion for improvement is for it’s internal memory to be larger or for it to come with a micro SD card!

Disclosure: We have received the TomTom GO 5000 for the purposes of this review

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