Family Bedtime Stories

Family Bedtime Stories

Do you read a bedtime story with your family every night? Do you sit down together and get lost in a story, getting excited about the characters and storylines?

I’ve always read to our children, my love of books has definitely rubbed off on them as we’ve read old and new stories both at bedtime but at every other opportunity during the day. Daddy Ramblings on the other hand isn’t a big reader, he doesn’t enjoy reading very much and I’m conscious that I don’t want that to rub off on the children.

When he offered to read Harry Potter with the children I was amazed. Not only would that involve him reading every day but also it would mean that we would have to stick to it, you can’t promise the children you will do something like that and not follow through, can you?

Family Bedtime Stories

So now we all gather in C’s room at bedtime, once teeth are brushed and pj’s are on we all sit down to listen to Daddy read. We get excited about parts of the story and think about what it would be like to be in Harry’s shoes. It reminds me of being small and listening to my Dad read my The Hobbit, I loved that special time with him too.

Every night the kids ask when it will be time to go to bed and since we started reading Harry Potter we no longer have moans of “But I’m not tired” or groans about it not being bed time. Now the children race up the stairs eager to get ready for bed and eager to know what happens next in the story.

Family Bedtime Stories

And the grownups? We’re eager too, enjoying our special family time and enjoying the story. I think we will all be disappointed when the first book is finished. We will definitely have to buy the rest of the set now! The Works have loads of great offers on books sets, I spotted Famous Five and The Magic Faraway tree and I think they might be the perfect type of books to read next. Again, going back to books I enjoyed in my childhood and classic stories I think the whole family would enjoy!

Can you recommend any other good books that might be good as family bedtime stories?

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