Sponsored Video: Knorr Flavour Of Home

Sponsored Video: Knorr Flavour Of Home

You know that meal, the one that reminds you of home. The one that if you are away from home for any length of time, you crave and long for. You can almost taste it when you think about it. It might be your husband’s curry, your sister’s Chocolate Cake or your Gran’s shepherds pie. It’s just that taste of home. That dish that reminds you of family dinners or occasions, everyone you love together, sharing a meal and your lives. I still remember my Granny’s chocolate cake, it made me feel safe and loved. It sounds a bit silly I guess but no chocolate since has made me feel like her’s did, special and loved. I would give anything to have my Granny back making her cake!

Imagine you are working in the Artic, miles and miles away from home, your family and your friends. Missing people, missing food, missing your old life. Carmen is there, she is working and living almost as far away from her family and her mums home cooked meals as is humanly possible. She’s sad and alone. Luckily, Knorr have come to the rescue and are sending her mum all the way to the Artic to cook Carmen a Sunday Roast. Just by tasting the roast dinner, Carmen, is instantly transported home in her mind and her tastebuds. Luckily her mum is on hand to also give her a great big hug!

I challenge you to watch the video and not cry, I couldn’t do it! I’m a big softy when it comes to family reunions

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