Top Tips for Keeping The Kids Busy At Half Term

Top Tips for Keeping The Kids Busy At Half Term

Half term. Those two words either fill you with dread or excite you. Will it be a great break from school or a week in hell? The devil is in the detail!

Because I work in education, half term is not only a break for the kids from school but for me too. I always feel the pressure to make it relaxing enough for me but to also exciting enough for the kids. I’m always ready to accept tips and advice from other parents on how they acheive the balance between the too and looking for great activities to do along the way.

This half term, one tip I can give is to look up your local book shop, they often have storytelling sessions on in store that will keep the kids busy for a little while and allow you to browse the books too.

Top Tips for Keeping The Kids Busy At Half Term

A group of great bloggers have also contributed their top tips to this great guide. My personal favourite (apart from my own, about holding an indoor car wash) is from Sammie of, “Spend the morning writing/drawing up a countryside checklist, then spend the afternoon exploring a local park ticking off your checklist as you find the items!” – we love doing nature bingos but I often forget just how much. Definitely resurrecting this idea!

Try something different this half term, make sure it’s a good one!

Feel free to share your top tips below, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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