The Terrible Almost Fours!

The Terrible Almost Fours!

Currently we are in the throws of the terrible threes (or almost fours) with LissyLou. She’s always been quite easy going really. Yes, she’s feisty and opinionated but she’s also a good girl. But recently she’s been more difficult.

The past couple of weeks have frankly been really hard. I don’t know if she’s been really thrown out by Christmas and a lack of routine but all of a sudden she’s been having major strops, crying at everything and generally acting unlike herself.

She pesters her brother and drives him mad. He is very good natured and will put up with a lot but eventually of course he can’t cope anymore with the lack of personal space and her copying his every action. Of course when you tell her off she wails for 5 minutes. You say she has to wait for something, she wails, you tell her off, she wails, she doesn’t get her own way, she wails. We have heard a lot of wailing the last few days.

She is also a loving, lovely little girl. She plays well alone and has a great imagination. It’s sometimes hard to believe that this little girl and the one who wails and constantly pushes us are one and the same. I love them both, I just like the lovely little girl a little bit more!

So tell me, do you have a solution? Is this a phase or am I doing something wrong? I’d love some help on this one because I don’t know if there is something I can do about it or if I just have to ride it out! HELP please!

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