Dolphin Paradise Wild Friends App Review

Dolphin Paradise Wild Friends App Review


Dolphin Paradise

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Aimed at children aged 4 plus, Dolphin Paradise Wild Friends, is a magical free App for the iPad and iPhone that lets you play and bond up close with virtual dolphins. It’s a free app but does contain in app purchase options, something you can choose to turn off by disabling in app purchases in settings on your iPad or iPhone, or you can make small purchases to open up new items and options in the game.

By taking good care of your dolphins you can keep them healthy and happy so that they want to learn those tricks. Show them some love by petting them. Keep them healthy by feeding them and let them swim and play in the paradise lagoon. The kids loved this part, it was easy to make them happy and keep them healthy so I could leave the kids to play, confident that it wasn’t too tough!

I liked the mini-games; by keeping the lagoon clear of jellyfish you earn shells and pearls that you can spend on dolphins, props etc. This means you can increase the play value without spending money but of course it does take a little while to build up your ‘earnings’.

You can share your progress, pictures, scores etc via Facebook and Twitter which would help an older child keep in touch with their friends and each others progress. You can also visit Friend’s lagoons, and play with their dolphins, and win points for doing it!

All in all a good free app that offers fun and interest. Its fun to get up and close, and “go swimming” with a dolphin or orca in a beautiful tropical environment.

For more information and the iTunes store see the Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends app

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