Top 5 Most Useful Christmas Gadgets Gifts

Top 5 Most Useful Christmas Gadgets Gifts

There are so many gadgets to choose from with Christmas just a few days away, but a large proportion of these become a novelty item that only gets used the once. However, there are some great inventions out there that can make your life that little bit easier. Check out some of these to fill those Christmas stockings.

Gadget mat

A gadget mat for your car. It has the ability to hold your smartphone, keys and loose change so it’s useful for the commute to work. The pad sits on your dashboard for easy access; most mats can be cut to the size and shape you require for your car.


Electronic cigarettes

No lighter, no tobacco, no fuss. This invention is useful; there’s no need to venture out into the cold air when out with friends, and no one will complain about the smoke that clouds your conversation. Smoking e-cigarettes is an alternative that all smokers should consider, you can purchase a starter kit with a variety of flavours to choose from.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

Even though this gadget just sounds like a novelty item, it has become one of the most useful and timesaving inventions for the modern home. With most offering different modes, the carpets can be vacuumed while you are at work, ensuring your free time can then be used effectively and vacuuming-free. The usually round shaped vacuum can reach difficult areas easily too! Who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve been transported into the future?


This is a great gadget that can help you save money on your water bill. You can set the maximum time you want to spend scrubbing in the shower into the pebble and place it near the plughole. The Waterpebble prompts you with a red flashing light, to understand when you’ve reached your time limit. Hopefully with the help of this gadget, unnecessary money won’t go down the drain! It might just help you keep on track during the morning rush too!

Activity tracker

A great gadget for fitness lovers, an activity tracker can automatically sync to your computer, ensuring you can track your fitness progress and constantly set new goals for yourself. They are the perfect device to help you keep on top of your fitness level, and they are small in size so can discreetly fit into your pocket. Maybe it could form part of a new years resolution?

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