Picture Christmas List

Picture Christmas List

At 5 and 3 neither C or LissyLou are capable of writing a full letter easily so this year I thought that rather than write a letter myself that there must be a better way for them to tell the Big Man what they want for Christmas. Father Christmas is still magic in our house, we still believe and I wanted them to feel fully part of the process and to have a way of telling him what they would like in a clear way.

So I got a couple of Christmas gift catalogues when I was out shopping and armed with some paper, scissors and glue we went to work.

By cutting out pictures of what they wanted and sticking them to the paper they each created a list that clearly showed the sort of toys they’d like and it gave C a small opportunity to write but without it overfacing him and without him needing too much support.

Picture Christmas List

We had lots of fun making our letters and then looking through the catalogues for things for Mummy and Daddy too.

The letters are now ready to post to Father Christmas and then it’s just a case of waiting a month and seeing what arrives on Christmas morning!

Picture Christmas ListPicture Christmas List



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