New Cadbury Chocolate – Chips Ahoy!

New Cadbury Chocolate – Chips Ahoy!

There’s a new bar in town! Cadbury have released another of their chocolate collaberations, this time with Chips Ahoy cookies to create a chocolate bar stuffed with a delicious Chips Ahoy centre. If you haven’t heard of Chips Ahoy it’s a cookie brand from America that seems to be filtering across the pond now.

We love Cadbury and have enjoyed these new collaberations over the past couple of years. The Cadbury Chips Ahoy bar is no exception. With classic Dairy Milk filled with a creamy biscuit flavoured filling and Chips Ahoy cookie pieces and chocolate chips. It’s not dissimilar to the Dairy Milk with Oreo bar actually if you’ve tried that one?

New Cadbury Chocolate - Chips Ahoy!

It definitely went down a storm here and is a nice variation on a classic chocolate bar and something the family can all share!

We were gifted some Cadbury Chips Ahoy for this review.


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