Making A Simple Car Costume

Making A Car Costume

In a quiet moment one day last week and short of something interesting to do with LissyLou I sat at the kitchen table with some paper wondering if we should draw when my eyes fell upon some left over office paper boxes and a plan started to form. Using the boxes, some coloured paper and other bits and pieces we came up with a wearable car costume. Here’s how we did it!
Making A Simple Car Costume

1. Cut out the base of the box so you are left with a hollow cardboard shape

2. Decorate your box, we used coloured paper but you could use poster paints or pens etc to create your main design. If you have more time the kids could spend hours on this part

3. Make headlights. We cut circles out of the spare cardboard and covered them in tin foil

4. Attach the headlights with glue

5. Make the straps, you need long piece of paper, ribbon or similar. We used old flip chart paper and doubled the strips over to add strength

6. Attach the straps with plenty of parcel tape so that they don’t come loose

7. Strengthen the box if needed with added card on the inside and more parcel tape

8. Make a steering wheel. We used a paper plate cut smaller to fit, you could take more time and colour the wheel

9. Add wheels to the side of the box, you could draw them or cut them out and stick them to suit the materials you have to hand

10. Get outside and have a race around the garden. You can create a race track by laying out rope on the ground or improvise with tape marking the track

Making A Simple Car Costume



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