Two School Uniforms

Two School Uniforms

I have to say that acknowledging that has brought me a couple of tears this week. My babies are both getting big. Two in school uniform. That’s a really big milestone in my book. Yes, if nothing else it’s expensive. Two sets of everything, two sets of shoes, uniforms and book bags. Thank goodness our school has an embroidery contract with Tesco to help keep the costs down is all I can say!

Two in School Uniform


C has moved into Year 1 and LissyLou has started school nursery.

The day before she started she asked me some questions that made my breath catch in my throat:

LissyLou “Mummy, what if I don’t know the children’s names?”, “what if I don’t know how to play the games?”, “what if I can’t cut up my dinner?”. EEEk! What if? I offered best advice I could come up with “All you have to do is ask, ask their name, ask if you can you can play the game and what to do and ask someone to help you”. I have to admit I cried that night at the thought of her not asking the questions, of being shy and feeling left out.

I needn’t have worried. I was teary at the drop off. She ran straight in shouting “Bye Mummy”. She came running out to her Auntie beaming and happy and she only had good things to tell my about her day.

Two in School Uniform

C is settling in to Year 1, he is getting used to a new routine, a new teacher and sitting with new friends. I won’t pretend he isn’t finding it a little bit tough. It’s quite a big change between reception and Year 1 but he is taking it in his stride and even if he isn’t 100% happy he hasn’t found much to complain about so far.

Two in School Uniform

Fingers crossed that they both continue to enjoy themselves. I’ll update again soon!





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