Preparing Healthy Lunchboxes

Preparing Healthy Lunchboxes

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Preparing Healthy Lunchboxes

LissyLou starts school nursery next week and a new pre-school. She will be a very busy little girl! At school she will have school dinners but at pre-school she needs to take a packed lunch. This is new territory for her. She will take everything in her stride but the packed lunch thing is going to be a sticking point. She has very strict ideas about packed lunches and what they should include (only her favourite things – cake and fruit) but then again so do I and I’ve been thinking about preparing healthy lunchboxes!

Preparing Healthy Lunchboxes 111

Capri-Sun have released a new product, the Capri-Sun Fruit Crush which is 75% fruit juice and 25% Spring Water, they also count as 1 of your 5 a day. The kids like them because they are in kid friendly flavours like Apple and Blackcurrant, Apple and Pear and Tropical, they also taste great. I like that they are made with real fruit juice but more that they are diluted down with spring water which makes them healthier and makes the flavour milder because my two don’t like whole fruit juice. I picked mine up at Tesco, C enjoyed choosing a pack but he did laugh at me for not knowing which flavour to buy first! Tesco have some back to school healthy lunchbox offers on which make them great value too.

Thinking about preparing healthy lunchboxes for me involves thinking about balancing the lunchbox. I try to include protein, dairy, carbs and fruit and veg. So a typical lunch box might include a sandwich (cheese, ham or jam). If it’s on sliced bread it has to be cut into a cute shape! This covers the carbs and hopefully either the dairy or protein!

Preparing Healthy Lunchboxes


Then it has to have veg. My kids like sweetcorn, cucumber or carrot sticks in their healthy lunchboxes!

Fruit is a must, I like to mix it up by offering different fruits each day, that can be blueberries, strawberries, apple. grapes or orange segments. I don’t put bananas in because apparently they go ‘yucky’!

Preparing Healthy Lunchboxes

If either dairy or protein haven’t been covered already I’ll include cheese, a yoghurt or little sausages etc.

Then I include a small treat. It doesn’t have to be all about good stuff, a balanced diet can stretch to a small treat. I normally opt for a small cake bar or a bag of mini biscuits. A big fave in our house are mini anything so I know they always go down well!

So there you have it my take on the packed lunch. Do you have any tips on preparing healthy lunchboxes? Can you share any ideas or recipes (feel free to include a blog link in your comment!)

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