Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner

Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner

I have a bit of a thing for fabric conditioner. Don’t judge me. Ever since my washing machine broke a few years ago and I had to use a laundrette for a while I realised that the world of fabric conditioners is a fragrant place to be. I love my clothes to smell great and I find a good fabric conditioner can make your clothes smell good even if they’ve been in the wardrobe a bit.

The new Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner smells divine.Comfort have linked with top international perfume houses Firmenich and  International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) to produce 3 new fragrances.

We were sent the Honeysuckle and Sandlewood Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner which is an oriental fragrance which smells of vanilla and frangipani which personally I think smells heavenly. I love getting into bed when the sheets have been freshly washed with this one. It is very relaxing!

Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner

They also do an Indian Rose and Musk and a Snapdragon and Patchouli. I have added those to my list to try when the Honeysuckle and Sandlewood Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner runs out! The 33 wash bottles have an RPP of £3.30 but currently Asda have them on offer at just £2.00 so grab some quickly!



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