Sweet Dreams – My Dream Bedroom

Sweet Dreams – My Dream Bedroom

I’d love to refurbish my bedroom. Right now it’s fine. If you ask my husband that means it’s far from ‘fine’. It’s not shabby, it’s just been the same for a few years now and so it could do with a revamp. I like the overall colour scheme of white and greens, it’s peaceful and relaxing but if I had the money I’d love new furniture and some new pretty accessories to give it a more luxurious feel. Here’s what I’d love if I had the space and of course the money!.


Sweet Dreams - Furniture

Sofa  £1400

Table  Dressing up Table £299

Jewelry Wardrobe   £315


The key item is the bed. A large comfy bed that just screams Sweet Dreams. I love the idea of a TV in the base of the bed, out of site most of the time but perfect for chilling on a Sunday morning with cartoons with the kids, or just snuggling up for a movie with the hubby on a cold winters night. I feel sleepy just looking at this bed from Isme,com, not cheap at £1359 but beds should last years shouldn’t they?

I love the modern style of the wardrobe and dressing table. They make the boring items in your bedroom just that little bit cooler. I’d definitely need more than one wardrobe though, where’s a girl supposed to put all her clothes?

I’d love a bedroom big enough for this large sofa, it looks really comfy, perfect for escaping with a good book or chilling out listening to music via the Bose Speakers.

As for accessories, dressing the room to make it just right, the following items would make it more comfortable and would add a bit of sparkle.


Sweet Dreams - Accessories

Ceiling light  £160

Lighting  Lamp Shade £65

Lighting  Lamp Base £120

Home decor Wall Paper £10 per roll

Glass tea light holder  £9.50 each

Cape Flora Bouquet – Marks & Spencer  £25

I love nice wallpaper and this subtle fern wallpaper adds depth to the green, pretty but understated it’s a classic look. Completed by this amazing crystal lamp with the cute boxing hares shade it adds a bit of humour but in a gentle way. The modern take on a chandelier makes me smile, it’s shiny and sparkly. A great combination. The glass tea light is simple but an added touch of colour.

I like simple bedding, a plain base colour with just a hint of design, this lovely cream bedding has just the right amount of sparkle. Finally I love fresh flowers and this bunch is beautiful, it would smell amazing too!

Finally, I’d love these curtains to tie it all together. Simple, great colour and you can customise them to suit your tastes. I’d have them as blackouts to ensure Sweet Dreams!

So there you go, my dream bedroom. Sweet Dreams! This is my entry into the Dream Room Competition, more details on Little Stuff

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition


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  1. I love your ideas! I would have a ‘t.v. bed’ in my dream bedroom too – I have this image in my mind of us all piled onto the bed watching Home Alone at Christmas time!

    Good luck in the competition xx

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