Boys School Shoes from Cloggs

Boys School Shoes from Cloggs

It’s nearly that time of year again when you have to go, sit in a shoe shop and wait in a queue of parents and children to try on the inevitable black shoes. The same black shoes that at least half the class will be wearing. The ones the teachers groan when they see, just knowing it will be hours or days until those shoes are all on the wrong feet.

So you sit, you wait and you inwardly sigh that you didn’t do this earlier, that you didn’t find a better way to avoid the queues and to find the shoes. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You could plan ahead this year. You could download a shoe fitting guide. Measure the kids feet in the comfort of your own home and then head to Cloggs. Cloggs stock a wide range of boys school shoes so you won’t be short of options. They also stock a range of brands including Clarks, Kickers, Dr Martens and Geox to name a few. That means you have a wider range of choice and the easy delivery option means they are speedy.

I chose these Kickers for C, they are good quality. sturdy shoes that look like they will stand up to some stick from the playground! They are also a bit different from the standard schools shoes and the little logos help with getting shoes on the right feet and look good too. Delivery was quick and the shoes arrived well packaged. The bag contained the necessary paperwork to confirm order details but also for returns information. Be careful when opening the bag to make sure you have a suitable bag to use should you need to return anything!

Boys School Shoes From Cloggs Boys School Shoes From Cloggs Boys School Shoes From Cloggs


I actually had to return an extra pair of shoes to Cloggs and did so via Collect + . This simple service means that you can drop it off locally for return to Cloggs. I used a convenience store on my way to work which was actually very convenient! It’s as simple as handing the package over to the shop assistant and getting a receipt, very quick and simple!

I received a pair of shoes in exchange for this review



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