Why I’m Still Thinking About Laser Eye Surgery

Why I’m Still Thinking About Laser Eye Surgery

I’ve been thinking about having laser eye surgery for the past 10 years or so. I first remember hearing about it from a trainer at work who had recently had laser eye surgery. You would have thought he was on commission because he talked about it for at least half the course that day. Raving about how it had changed his life. It was still a pretty new concept and I remember wondering about the long term success of the op and thinking I wasn’t sure.

That feeling of being unsure hasn’t ever gone away, I’ve had doubts, I had questions. I’ve never felt secure enough in the operation to know if it was for me. Two of my cousins have had successful laser eye surgery and when I asked them if they would recommend it both wholeheartedly would. That certainly started to sway me towards looking into it further.

A couple of years ago I was offered laser eye surgery as part of a blogging campaign. I had just started a new job though and I felt unsure as to whether it was the right time for me and if I’m quite honest I was a chicken. I was worried about all the things that could go wrong, whether or not it would be successful and what would happen if it wasn’t. I didn’t even get as far as the consultation. Today I went to a clinic with my mum where she had cataract surgery which is of course in some way similar. The procedure was quick and straightforward. My mum is pleased with the initial results and it’s given me the confidence to think that I might be able to consider it again myself. I’d have to save up to be able to afford it but I think it might be worth it. I definitely want to consider it!

This video of Kathleen McDermott, an actress, talking about her experiences with Optical Express intrigued me and made me think about what having better eyesight would mean to me.

center>It’s the little things that would be important like being able to go swimming without my glasses steaming up, or being able to get up in the night and not feeling round in the dark to find my glasses to go to one of the kids or the bathroom. Being able to see to do my makeup without covering my glasses in it. There are lots of reasons why I’m still thinking about laser eye surgery. But will I be brave enough?

Have you had laser eye surgery, how was your experience?

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  1. I had it done in France (when we were living there) 10 years ago and it has changed my life! I couldn’t get on with contact lenses as they dried my eyes up, so only wore them on nights out, which meant I wore glasses every day. I love not having to switch from glasses to sunglasses, not getting rain on my glasses or steamed up glasses, being able to see when swimming/on the beach etc etc. I cannot recommend it enough!
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