Taking The Kids To London

Taking The Kids To London

I’ve been thinking about taking the kids to London for the past year or so. There are so many places I want to take them and let them see and experience, places like the National History Museum, the Science Museum, Harrods, Hamleys, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and so much more. The list is so long that I fear we would need to stay for a month to see everything.

LissyLou is desperate to visit Harrods to go the Bibbidy-Bobbidy Boutique, it would be a real treat for her to pretend to be a princess for a day. I’d want to counter this with something educational but fun. For my children fun often involves animals. So the National History Museum would be a great place to learn about history, see some great exhibits and a key new draw is the Sensational Butterflies outdoor exhibit. The children love butterflies, I don’t know if it’s the colours or the way they flutter by but they have both always been drawn to places that have butterflies. The Sensational Butterflies exhibit sounds right up their street and at £19 for a family ticket it’s inexpensive, especially with the main museum being free. It would make for a great day out!

Image courtesy of the National History Museum website


We live approximately 3 hours for London so half the fun of a visit for us would be a train ride. The children haven’t been on the train very often so they always think it’s an adventure. Train journeys are a form of magic to them and a treat because we don’t do it very often. Because it’s 3 hours on the train we would need to look for a hotel and for a good location we would look for hotels near Kensington because it would allow us to find something pretty central to the places we want to visit. I always look for hotels that are family friendly and that are pocket friendly too! I love planning trips so researching where to go and where to stay is half the fun of the trip for me!

Do you have any tips on things to do in London, or have you visited the Sensational Butterflies exhibit?

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    • We are definitely going for LissyLous 4th birthday, she will love it! The Disney cafe did look good and yes, it seemed reasonable and the kids would love it! I popped in this weekend and scoped the joint in preperation!

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