Afternoon Tea At Home

Afternoon Tea At Home

Left alone with the kids whilst the hubby swanned off to Las Vegas on a stag do what were we supposed to do? Sit around and twiddle our thumbs? Or try and think if fun things to do and places to go? We opted for fun. Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side so we settled for a movie morning, watching Epic which we hadn’t seen before and the obligatory movie snacks.

To make lunch time a little less humdrum I decided to create an afternoon tea at home. Whilst we had this for our lunch the principle is still the same.

Afternoon Tea At Home should be every bit as special as it is when you go somewhere nice. Clearly it is more work but the rewards can still be great. I started with sandwiches. The children chose Cheese, Jam and Ham for their finger sandwiches. Being a bit more adventurous I plumped for Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto, Ham and Coleslaw and Salmon and Cucumber on a selection of white bread and sunflower and honey loaf.

Afternoon Tea At Home

The key to making the sandwiches look like something you might get with a good afternoon tea is to remove the crusts and cut them small, keeping fillings neat and not overfilling the sandwich – it’s worth noting that I don’t always practice what I preach here, my bread although delicious was the wrong shape for perfect sized sandwiches so turned out a little bit wonky.

You can always just prepare more sandwiches if you have hungry people or extra mouths to feed but I think that as a general rule, four finger sandwiches per person is enough. You might also choose savoury treats like cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, olives, crisps or a goats cheese tart to complete the savoury offering. I opted for cocktail sausages for the kids and olives for myself on this occasion.

No afternoon tea is complete without scones and a selection of sweet treats. We chose fruit scones with jam and clotted cream, rainbow cake, layered chocolate torte cake and One Direction cupcakes for LissyLou. I felt that this selection offered a balance of flavours and you can increase or decrease the amount of cakes/sweets etc to suit you. You can also include things like a good panacotta, jellies, chocolate covered marshmallows, sweet biscuits, fruit cake etc.

Afternoon Tea At Home

Afternoon Tea At Home

Of course you need tea, I love proper tea made in a tea pot but in the absence of good quality loose leaf at the supermarket I substituted with teabags but still made in the teapot for partial authenticity. I must buy some loose leaf next time I’m near a good supplier, it does make all the difference. If you are making this for adults you could of course serve teapot cocktails or champagne for a real treat.

Afternoon Tea At Home

An extra treat for the kids is an indoor picnic, which made up for the poor weather! We enjoyed our afternoon tea picnic style and it added to the fun!

Do you make afternoon tea at home? What are you favourite things to include and do you bake yourself or like me rely on shop bought delicacies?

As a small aside note Afternoon Tea At Home cost in the region of £15, which is approximately half of what the same would cost in a cafe/hotel and much less than a meal out would have cost. So we can enjoy the same again another day – RESULT


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