Learning to Draw

Learning to Draw

C loves to draw, he is constantly drawing and colouring. Up until recently his drawings have been very immature, his pencil control has been weak and so his drawing and writing has suffered. He’s been in a small group at school which works upon the fine motor skills needed and this has really improved his confidence and control. He is producing lovely drawings but it does still need work.

Learning to Draw

A couple of months ago

Learning to Draw

A superhero

Recently we went into the Disney store and they were running a free lesson on how to draw a Disney Character. The lady showed an animation, it layered step by step so that the children could focus on one element at a time. Which in turn helped them to forget about the overall character and focus on the shapes involved in drawing him. It really helped C, he did really well and honestly I was very impressed, afterall he is only 4.

Learning to Draw

Olaf from Frozen

He has been drawing more by copying recently and he finds it easier to copy things than he does to draw free hand. He always breaks down the thing he wants to draw into easy, manageable chunks and to be honest it works. I interviewed a potential Art teacher recently and when asked if she could teach a novice to draw she said “Anyone can draw, they just need to understand how to break down the thing they want to draw into smaller pieces and shapes” At the time I felt this was a good answer, now I know it was!

C is learning to draw and so far he’s doing really well! Next we really to work on writing, any tips you can share on how we can break that down too?



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