Scents of the Maldives


Scents of the Maldives

Sometimes something small can remind you of something, transporting you to a time and a place. Putting you in a moment, in a dream, in another world. It can be a sound, a sign or a scent that gives you the feeling of somewhere you’ve been or perhaps it’s the imagination of somewhere you’d like to go.

If towns/cities and countries were scents, what would they be? What would that say and what would it mean?

I’ve never been to Morocco but when I think of it I imagine it would smell of spices from the famous Moroccan Spice Market, a heady mix of spices that would fill you nostrils and hang in the air like a veil.Walking down the streets, following the scents and sights on a journey into an amazing place.

Kuoni has recently created a very special map of the world featuring scents from across the globe. They have taken the thoughts and feelings that scents invoke and used them in the map to create a ‘scentational’ visual. They stumbled over a scent for the Maldives, asking bloggers to talk about a scent that encapulates the spirit and feel of the Maldives. That scent that once smelled would transport you to the beautiful beaches and waters of the Maldives.

When I think of the Maldives I think stretches of stunning, clean, sandy beaches, crystal clear seas and palm trees swaying softly in the breeze. I picture cocktails in hand, relaxing, sunbathing, relation beyond measure. Peace, tranquility and luxury. The Maldives is on my list of places I want to visit but my plane hasn’t landed there just yet. If it did I’m sure my senses would be challenged by the scent of coconut from their national tree, the palm tree and the scent of roses from the national flower. A walk along the beach would fill my nostrils with the smell of the sea, the scent of the wood from the wooden huts and villas that stand on stilts in the ocean. There are definitely plenty of smells that could claim the prize as the national scent of the Maldives.

For me, the scent that would first spring to mind is coconut. Used in food, drink and the national fruit the coconut seems to sum up the Maldives perfectly. The distinctive scent for a distinctive place. If I close my eyes hard enough and sniff my coconut hand cream hard enough maybe when I open my eyes I’ll be on a sunlounger with a coconut shell cocktail in my hand. Maybe……


This is my entry into the tots100 and Kuoni competition

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